Featured Artist: Angela Dispirito

© Angela Dispirito

I would like to introduce our Bluestockings blog readers to our series of featured artists. I appreciate the complex emotions I see in the works we will feature – they are simultaneously playful, vain, sensual and dark, like cupcakes that bite, or bombs full of frosting. I look at their work and think about how much I adore and am occasionally uncomfortable with my femininity and perhaps – most importantly – with any one definitive answer to the question that has so many possibilities – “what can feminism be?” There are many answers, options, theories, and thoughts to this query, and Sally and I look forward to sharing different feminist voices in the arts that shout out – or even whisper – their beliefs.

This week we want to feature Angela Dispirito, a 22 year old sculptor and student from Massachusets. Working with notions of body image and incorporating unapologetic colors and (un)familiar forms of fashion, Dispirito’s sculptures bring a new understanding of dimensionality-and refreshing realness-to “the female silouhette.”

-Jennifer Avery, Arts Editors

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