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caitlin morgan
Caitlin Moran calls herself a feminist, yet does not support sex workers. Dr Brooke Magnanti hopes to create a definition that is more inclusive.

In her article Feminism. What does it mean anyways?, Dr. Brooke Magnanti explains why she does not identify a feminist because she does not want to view women as one white, middle class, cisgendered monolith. Dr. Magnanti’s critique of what she calls “mainstream feminism” holds water, but her argument views the definition of feminism as static and does not offer a new ideology or way of organizing around gender-based issues. While I recognize that many views that are expressed under the banner of feminism are problematic, we still need language to deal with these issues.  I need a word that says, “I care about how we are treated as gendered beings.” I need a word that both demands equality and invites conversation. I would like to challenge us to consider Magnanti’s quite valid criticisms, but avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Feminism has evolved over the past century, and I believe that it can continue to change.


– Nicole Hasslinger, Academic Editor

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