The Crux in Gendered Politics

When Hilary Clinton was making her bid for the democratic nomination in 2008, how many people were too distracted by her “cankles” and “ugly pantsuits” to listen to what she really had to say?  When cheerleading was exposed as one of, if not the most, dangerous sport in existence, how many people were unwilling to require safety gear for cheerleaders, because a face mask and shoulder pads wouldn’t look so hot with a mini skirt and pom poms?

The body is such a fascinating crux in gendered politics.
In one sense, we want to avoid sexualizing women and reducing them to their bodies–and what to put on these bodies, as Emma Stone comments on in this gif.  In another sense, so many feminists seem to focus on the body, demanding to politicians “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY UTERUS”.  Obviously these two approaches are not mutually-exclusive.  Feminists are constantly trying to reconcile the politics of the body–abortion and contraception–with creating a culture that looks away from a woman’s body and into her mind.

– Kristy Choi, Politics Editor

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