Featured Artist: Abra Conn

Abra Conn was born in the relatively cool summer of 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently a BFA-2 art major, attending California Institute of the Arts, where she creates work in her studio and at home in Thousand Oaks, California. Conn’s work focuses on the influences of her life and those around her, putting a microscope on her own feelings and demanding to discover why she feels the way she does. She then moves on to the next question. Between experimenting with all new and old mediums under the sun, Abra Conn scoops ice cream at a Baskin Robbins in So Cal and enjoys watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on her days off, painting on hardcover books, and avoiding people on Facebook.


There Will Always Be Blood
Digital print

“After six years of birth control, my first “real girl” period hit me hard. I was suddenly stuck by an onslaught of menstrual symptoms, resulting in a last minute shopping spree of pads, tampons, and new underwear. The photo, which my friend and I thought to be hilarious, was met with mostly unexpected negative commentary. I think that the image, and its responses, serves as a window to the natural bodily function of menstruation: one that even after an eternity of existence is still considered taboo. What really surprised me though were the comments from other women who seemed to perpetuate a negative stigma of a natural process of their own body. The piece is titled There Will Always Be Blood, which I hope can serve as a catalyst for the social change that will someday remove the negative stigma associated with menstruation.”

-Ana Alvarez, Managing Editor

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