Recommended Reading: We Need To Talk About The Friendzone

holiday-rom-com-friend-zone_400x300We’ve all heard of the “friendzone.” Referenced frequently in popular culture such as romantic comedies or standup routines, it refers to a relationship where one party wishes for something more, while the other just wants to stay platonic. Once you’ve entered this alleged zone, it’s supposed to be an impossible obstruction to the possibility of sex. Although gender is not a specific qualification, it seems much more common for the man to be friendzoned by the woman. This is a widely recognized on the internet, as illustrated by the tumblr “nice guys of okcupid,” a website that juxtaposes male claims that they are “the nice guy that women always say they want to meet,” with their own hypocritical and chauvinistic opinions.

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So – what’s up with the friendzone? Is it a real phenomenon, or is it just the ugly cousin of rape culture, a way for men to hold claim to women’s sexual choices while claiming that they are good guys?

Here’s a well-written opinion on the matter (composed by a straight male!) – check it out.

-Amy LaCount, Editor-In-Chief

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