Recommended Reading: The Unbearable Invisibility of White Masculinity

Gun 1981-82

In the wake of the Newtown mass shooting, we are reminded of the lives lost in Aurora and Columbine. As I attempt to wrap my head around the disheartening reality of our country’s gun laws, I trudge through media coverage of the life stories of these murderers, looking for excuses and reasons for their actions. It is only recently, in articles like Leonard’s, that I have heard talk of looking to pinpoint a trend or common thread. The media response to these instances of spree killings has  over-emphasized the individual story behind each shooter. As a result, the crucial discussion of the ever-present role of race, class and gender has been omitted.

David J. Leonard brings to the forefront the media’s use of “moments of tragedy to reassert the value in whiteness and the importance in protecting white bodies.” Because, after all, these shootings happened in places of white suburbia and not urban, inner-city environments where “it’s supposed to happen.”

 – Chanelle Adams, Academic Editor

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