Recommended Viewing: ALB’s takedown of the Fake Geek Girl

I usually can’t get enough of memes. There’s just something about the colorful, geometric background combined with the succinct, unforgiving humor that gets me. Some of my favorites are the ever-so relatable awkward penguin and the haggard, chain-smoking art student owl.

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However, there’s one meme that’s been floating around recently that is exceedingly sexist, exclusionist, and frankly, fucking annoying. The Fake Geek Girl Meme. Featuring a girl in horn-rimmed glasses, “nerd” proudly written on her hand, Kanye-shrugging with a half-smile, she has been relegated as a fraud by the Internet. The meme represents girls who apparently participate in geekdom only to pander to male attention, who have no actual knowledge of the subculture.

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Last month, tumblr // youtube sensation ALB tackled this misogynist meme with her trademark grace, eloquence, and kickass pink hair.

“I’ve said before that if you really believe there’s a horde of attractive women faking interest in nerdy things just to get your attention, you have a massive case of unwarranted self-importance, and I still believe that…the world of comic books, sci-fi, videogames, all these things, is no longer a boy’s club with a “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” banner hanging on the door, and it never should have been.”

“That’s just it – “fake geek girls” DO NOT EXIST. There are only WOMEN WITH VARYING LEVELS OF INTEREST IN DIFFERENT HOBBIES.”

At the core of it all, for some insane reason, you are so threatened by the presence of women in your interests that you insult, you cajole, you harrass, and you embarrass the rest of us who are just happy to share. You slam women who are attractive and cosplay as NOT REAL NERDS, THEY’RE PREYING ON US POOR WIDDLE MENZ! And when they’re not as attractive as you’d like, you slam them for not meeting your standards. Or you slam them for daring not to give you the time of day when you grope and harass and hit on them.

She’s not there for YOU, bro.

– Amy LaCount, Editor-In-Chief

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