Yarnbombing Via de Fori Imperiali, Rome

Youbin yarnbombing a Roman sculpture.
Youbin yarnbombing a Roman sculpture.

Conducted in Rome, this piece was influenced mainly by two concepts: the art of yarnbombing as a feminine form of protest, or graffiti and the history of Fascism under Mussolini in Italy, and its Fascist influence in the urban planning of Rome. After being part of Fem-Sex at Brown, I tried to incorporate the role of women and feminism in society into my work as it gave structure and thought into my identity as a female. This led me with yarnbombing as a feminist artistic approach. According to a New York Times article “Creating Graffiti With Yarn” yarnbombing “takes the most matronly craft (knitting) and the most maternal gesture (wrapping something cold in a warm blanket) and transfers it to concrete and steel wilds of the urban landscape.” I experimented with yarnbombing in the Fori Imperiali. This road was built by Mussolini, decorated with four hyper-masculine twice-human-size Caesars, as a presentation of masculine strength that would impress Hitler on his visit to Rome. Mussolini’s effort to associate himself with the great roman emperors produced the four bronze fascist copies of Roman statues; Julius Caesar, Trajan, Augustus, and Nervae; as part of his grand urban planning project. I created and installed leg-warmers for the statues, and they shortly got taken down by the police.

-You Bin Kang, Contributor 


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