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Here is a glimpse of events, parades, and protests happening today around the world on International Women’s Day:

Pakistan: Female family members of missing Pakistanis are using the day to reiterate demands to know where their loved ones are. “For years, human rights activists have claimed that Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, and other security agencies in Pakistan routinely abduct men without legal justification,” The Times recently reported.

Venezuela: Backers of President Hugo Chavez marched for the women’s event. Chavez, in power for 13 years, faces a challenge from candidate Henrique Capriles this fall, as frustration rises over surging homicide rates and the stagnant economy.

Turkey: Women splattered with artificial blood protested domestic violence, while the Turkish parliament passed laws that will try to protect women and children from abuse. “The discriminative implementations against women and domestic violence should be stopped,” President Abdullah Gul said, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

Sudan: The day meant freedom for about 4,000 prisoners in Sudan who are being released to mark the day, the Associated Press reported. The prisoners included hundreds of women and children.

Peru: Feminist groups are reportedly calling on President Ollanta Humala to follow through on his campaign promises to ensure that the rights of Peruvian women are respected.

Egypt: Hundreds of women marched to demand the right to help draft the new constitution. “Women have yet to gain any significant influence in the new Egypt, revealing the complexities of defining gender rights in a nation colored by Islam, inundated by Western media permissiveness and ruled by military men operating in a cloistered realm of gold stars and salutes,” The Times recently reported.

Somalia: Women held a parade, the first one of its kind since the Shabab, an Islamic militant group, was ejected from the capital, Mogadishu, the Associated Press reported.

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-Patricia Ekpo, Blog Editor

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