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Marimacho’s Souvenir Collection - Super Boi Swim Brief
Marimacho’s Souvenir Collection – Super Boi Swim Brief

I recently saw this interview in xQsí  by Jacky Guerrero where she interviews the fashion fabulous Crystal González-Alé and Ivette González-Alé, founders and visionaries of Marimacho – a clothing line for trans men and masculine-identified women. According to Marimacho’s website, they strive for an aesthetic that is comfortable, conscious, and performative. They are also a socially responsible venture.  It looks like a perfect fit to me.

“When Brooklyn-based Crystal González, a 23-year-old management consultant, and Ivette Alé, a 25-year-old Southern California native with a keen mind for fashion got together, it was only a matter of time before they launched Marimacho – a clothing line for trans men and masculine-identified women.

‘Marimacho’ is derived from the Spanish derogatory term ‘marimacha’ used to belittle those who are gender-nonconforming. The brand’s concept emerged from the simple need to wear clothing that is both fitting and fashionable. Since then, the duo has embarked on designing seasonal threads for the queer fashionista.

Swimwear from Marimacho’s summer clothing line, for example, provides a style and comfort that is unique to the needs of the LGBTQ community. …

What is your inspiration for this project?

Ivette: The fact that there is a need for this inspires us. No one else out of the community will create these clothes the way that we are creating them. A lot of our inspiration comes from vintage fashion, which is part of my aesthetic, so mixing Victorian style with a little punk and a little edge. That is the inspiration for this specific collection.
Crystal: Inspiration for the business itself was driven out of necessity. I think if you talk to most of gender queer female body persons they will tell you they have trouble finding these kinds of things. That’s what drives me. It’s great when people see our samples and the photos with our models people and say, “Wow, that’s awesome. I can’t wait to buy your shit.”

(continue reading Jacky’s interview with the creators of Marimacho here)

– Ginger Hintz, Blog Editor 

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