Recommended Reading: “6 Things That Happened While Y’all Were Preocuppied With Gay Marriage”

This week, there has been a nationwide frenzy about the Supreme Court case addressing the legalization of gay marriage. Profile pictures have been changed, rants and arguments have ensued, and a lot of time/energy/money has been poured into the issue. While I know it is a momentous historical event, as a queer person of color I do not think it is a movement that is geared to benefit me.

I have little interest in or plans to get married and I know that there are many other much more pressing issues that affect my life that are not getting enough time/energy/money poured into them because of the single issue focus on gay marriage rights. I, of course, support gay marriage but I am also aware of other issues that face queer people of color, often queer low income people of color. Mia McKenzie presents “6 Things That Happened While Ya’ll Were Preoccupied With Gay Marriage”

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1. President Obama signed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ into law. This bill effectively bars federal courts from halting the sale or planting of genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds. No matter what health issues might arise concerning GMOs in the future.


2. A bill that targets transgender people was approved by an Arizona House panel. It shields businesses from civil or criminal liability if they ban people from restrooms that don’t match their birth-assigned sex.​


3. Kansas lawmakers got closer to passing a new law that will discriminate against people living with HIV or AIDS by forcing them to be ‘quarantined’.​

Check out the full article at Black Girl Dangerous!

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