6 Short Poems by Audre Lorde

It is National Poetry Month and we have posted about some of our favorite poets and their poetry. Here are some pieces by my favorite poet, feminist, and revolutionary. We all need some Audre Lorde in our lives.

-Patricia Ekpo, Blog Editor, wants to spread the word of the Lorde

Woman power
Black power
Human power
always feeling my heart beats
as my eyes open
as my hands move
as my mouth speaks
I am
are you
The stars dwindle
and will not reward me
even in triumph.
It is possible
to shoot a man
in self defense
and still notice
how his red blood
decorates the snow.
Making it
My body arcing across your white place
we mingle color and substance
wanting to mantle your cold
I share my face with you
but love becomes a lie
as we suffer through split masks
seeking the other half-self.
We are hung up
in giving
what we wish to be given

Generation II

A Black girl


into the woman

her mother


and prayed for

walks alone

and afraid

of both

their angers.

Love, Maybe
in the middle of our bloodiest battles
you lay down your arms
like flowering mines
to conquer me home.


It is the sink of the afternoon

the children asleep or weary.

I have finished planting the tomatoes

in this brief sun after four days of rain

now there is brown earth under my fingernails

And sun full on my skin

with my head thick as honey

the tips of my fingers are stinging

from the rich earth

but more so from the lack of your body

I have been to this place before

where blood seething commanded

my fingers fresh from the earth

dream of plowing a furrow

whose name should be you.


Lorde, Audre. The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 1997. Print.

Her collected works are available here

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