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Why is Jinkx Monsoon the fairest drag queen of them all? Oh please allow me to ooze.

When I first encountered Jinkx Monsoon, she was sauntering across a gif set on my Tumblr dashboard. The scene from RuPaul’s Drag Race depicted a challenge in which contestants had to make a Snuggie ~werk~ like high fashion. While the other queens completely transformed their ugly blanket-sweaters into elaborate dresses, Jinkx chose a different approach.  Decked out in a blonde wig, oversized sunglasses, and Starbucks cup in hand, she wore the Snuggie as is. Her Olsen twin act was hysterically spot-on. Was she always this awesome?! I promptly set my DVR to find out.


And suddenly, Monday nights became permanent date nights with Logo TV. My grueling Monday school schedule was alleviated only by the excitement of seeing what hi(jinkx) would ensue on RPDR later that evening. Although I had seen and loved the show in the past, never had I encountered a queen who seized my heart as thoroughly as Jinkx Monsoon. Episode in and episode out, she proved to be more and more worth rooting for.

After lip-syncing for her life last episode (and turning it OUT), Jinkx earned her way into the final three. Now things get intense. In a matter of weeks, someone will be crowned America’s next drag superstar. Why does it deserve to be Jinkx, you may ask?

Trust me.

1. A diplomat in heels.

Jinkx competes with a sense of fair-play. During the Snuggie mini challenge, she was the only queen to refrain from shoving competitors to the clothing rack. She gracefully deflects criticism and responds to cattiness with knowing laughter. Not once in the whole of season 5 have I ever seen her be a mean girl, even when attacks come her way. As jealous rivals tried to send her home last episode (jokingly forming the “I Hate Jinkx” club), she simply smiled silently and held her own on stage. Before each critique, she comfortingly repeats to herself, “Water off a duck’s back, water off a duck’s back.” I try to channel her cool inner-strength every time life goes on the offensive.

2. Heart of gold.

On and off the show, she treats other people like they’re special little snowflakes. In the “Super Troopers” episode, the contestants were tasked with transforming gay veterans into glamorous drag queens. Assigned the oldest veteran of the group, Jinkx embraced her partner Dave with enthusiasm (even though he wasn’t the cute, young blonde Marine – which put her at a disadvantage). As Dave revealed he was unable to move much in heels due to AIDS-related weakness, Jinkx treated him with the utmost compassion and kindness. She patiently choreographed a routine that would make him feel the most comfortable, regardless of how it affected her scoring with the judges. Off the show, Jinkx actively thanks and communicates with her Facebook fanbase, lovingly calling them her “little ducks” and offering free shipping on her merchandise every Monday. She clearly doesn’t take anything for granted, and her ongoing appreciation makes her even more endearing.


3. Hilarity ensues.

From an exaggerated fake orgasm in the telenovela challenge to her quick-witted comments (“Oh! You’ve caught me with one eyebrow on!” she exclaims when Ru comes to interview her mid-makeup application), you can count on her for a laugh. Her hilarious depiction of Grey Gardens’ Little Edie can’t be summed up with words and MUST be seen for yourself.  Though rivals have slammed her as strictly a “Comedy Queen”, she’s proved that she can do everything in between. Her upbeat, unfailingly funny spirit is so hard not to love – I think even Roxxxy Andrews secretly thinks so too.

4. Creative glamazon.

Jinkx’s widespread knowledge of cultural phenomena has made her a mastermind in developing unique, clever style. She’s channeled vintage old Hollywood sirens (red lipstick, black gloves) in her quest for ingenious glamor. “Pageant Queens” better look out, because Jinkx is looking pretty damn good.


5. Overall Lovability

What’s not to like?! The girl’s on fire. Adorable, narcoleptic Jinkx (prone to randomly falling asleep during challenges) earned the affectionate nickname “Jinkxsy” even from Michelle Visage – who dare I say is the Simon Cowell of the judging panel. If Michelle Visage is won over by her, then certainly you should be too.

Her persona’s tagline feels fitting – Jinkx Monsoon really is “the hardest working single mother in show business.” She must have worked hard, in and out of drag, to become this admirable. Tune in to RuPaul’s Drag Race Mondays at 9 p.m. and catch Jinkx on her race to the top. Here’s to hoping she gets the crown she deserves.

-Bridget Elizabeth Sweet, Blog Editor

All images obtained through Google Images.

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