Gender Saturation

"Jiseon and Her Pink Things", JeongMee Yoon, The Pink and Blue Project
Jiseon and Her Pink Things, The Pink and Blue Project, JeongMee Yoon

Artist JeongMee Yoon captures in hyperreal “the relationship between gender and consumerism, urbanization, the globalization of consumerism and the new capitalism ” in The Pink and Blue Project (2005-ongoing). Yoon’s series of photos of children surrounded by the socially and historically constructed colors of their gender are haunting.

Jake and His Blue Things, JeongMee Yoon, The Pink & Blue Project
Jake and His Blue Things, The Pink & Blue Project,  JeongMee Yoon

The project spans trends, borders, and materials yet so clearly demonstrates the incredible power and seduction of gender as a binary construct. Children are contained within a system that functions through unconscious curation.


There is a lack of imagination for anything beyond the pale pinks and bold blues. The beauty is knowing all that room between the extremes.


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