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join my church
in the broken-down building
by the bubbling brook
where we bathe
our half-open eyes
before spinning spoons
in terracot teacups
before breaking any bread

join my church
of endless saturdays
and velvet evenings
of haunting honesty
and solstice in solitude

of holding holy inhales
and hearty releases
felt far away

of productive prayer
of merciless motion
and sinful stillness
of worship in wild
and all that is earthly

where we cherish
the wonders of silky skin
and melodious muscles
of our abandoned sanctuaries
and hearts who chant
in rhythm with the river
and pulse against pebbles

by: Chanelle Adams, Academics Editor

Image by Mary Kate LoPiccolo 

This poem was featured in our second issue.  If you would like to receive a free copy of Issue 2 subscribe here. 

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