Currently Crushing On: Lucy Schultz ’13

For our fifth BROWN UNIVERSITY CRUSH, we’re highlighting an incredible feminist and activist, Lucy Schultz, tagged by Thea Aguiar. On campus, Lucy works for the Brown University Sexual Health Education group and is working on a smart phone app for the health education of girls!

1. Tell us about you.

Lucy Schultz, 2013

Concentrating in Human Biology

Profile pic

Fun Fact?

I can sleep anywhere, anytime, including NY city subways

When I was little, I looked just like Harriet the Spy.

Picture 2

2. How do you feel about feminism? Do you identify as a feminist?

I identify as a feminist, most definitely, a million percent.  The feminist approach that I most focus on is education.  I think that’s the best way to let girls and women know that they have so many different opportunities and options.

Who is your feminist role model?

I have to say my capstone advisor, Dr. Lynae Brayboy.  She’s a pediatric gynecologist at Women and Infants’ Hospital and works with girls every single day. She’s just an incredible and inspirational human being.

3. Tell us about your work.

I co-coordinate BRUSHE, the Brown University sexual Health Education group.

We run health workshops for 8th graders at Roger Williams Middle School.

We separate the kids by gender. The program started with just girls because the principal wanted some women from Brown to talk to them – since they have some mean girl problems and also issues with teen pregnancy. Last year we had one pregnant girl and one girl with a baby, which was really intense.

We’ve recently added a boys section which are lead by male facilitators.

It’s absolutely the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. We facilitate discourse on puberty, basic sex education, healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, LGBTQ+ issues, and more.

Me for SEEED

4. What are your favorite parts? What are the challenges?

My favorite part of working at RWMS is getting to know the girls, building a relationship with them. A lot of them have pulled me a side to talk about an issue that they’re having. Knowing that they trust me and want to seek out my advice is such a fantastic feeling.

It’s been difficult to deal with the administration, and to make sure we are constantly engaging the girls in an age-appropriate manner. They’re young, of course, but some of them are pregnant. It’s hard to figure out how to approach the issue of teen pregnancy when there are two pregnant girls in my class.

What else are you involved with?

I’m working with my advisor on a free smart phone app for the health education of girls from the ages of 12-17. We just got our first grant!

5. What are you proud of, in your work and in your life?

I’m proud of the fact that maybe I had an impact with the students that I’ve worked at. At this point, I’ve taught at all the middle schools in Providence but one.

I’m really excited about the app – I’m handing it down to Noelle Spencer, my co-coordinator for BRUSHE, who I’m sure will do an excellent job.

Noelle Spencer, Dr. Lynae Brayboy, and Lucy
Noelle Spencer, Dr. Lynae Brayboy, and Lucy

6. Do you have any advice for your younger peers? 

Appreciate dorm life, it’s fun! All of your friends are in the same place and you’re all eating at the same place – you’ll never do that again.

Join a team! I played volleyball in high school (even though I’m really short) – and here I ended up doing a lot of volunteer work, so I miss that community aspect.

7. What do you do on a bad day?

I go home and put on a Brown University grey matching sweatsuit – it’s great.

8. Weirdest place you’ve fallen asleep?

While getting my hair cut.

9. Must views?

Clueless, for sure.

Picture 5

10. Favorite classes?

African American Life in the City, with Tricia Rose.

Theories and Politics of Sexual Consent, with Joe Fischel

Biology of Reproduction with Gary Wessel

And finally, because I’m a bit of a nerd, physiology with Stein.

11. Add a question and tag the next person that you are inspired by.

David Adler – Now that you’re a campus DJ, what’s your favorite song to put on?

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