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Everybody keeps telling me that technology is the future.
“Of what,” I ask, “Technology is the future of what?”

Like many movements, we grow stronger when folks educate themselves about their own identities AND make an effort to learn about others too. It is with understanding that compassion and inclusivity flourish within activist communities.

For the past couple months, with the help of an ultra-modern GoogleDoc-thingy machine, we’ve been compiling internet links, blogs and pdfs about feminism and other related identities. What started as a short list has grown into something much bigger– a virtual collection of voices, definitions, explanations, images, surveys, and critical essays. All accessible, free content.

I’m a huge proponent of patience and the power of knowledge, but sometimes I get tired of preaching at people and being questioned about my identities. I do not believe that the oppressed should always be held responsible for educating their oppressors.  Sometimes, all it takes is sending a simple hyperlink to a receptive mind.

This, my friends, is just the beginning. By no means does our Resource Library represent all feminisms that exist in cyberspace. It is far too easy to get stuck in one small corner of the internet, especially the way we curate content we are exposed to through favorites tabs and our old web-surfing routines.

Feel free to poke around this library, distribute ideas,  write reviews and send out links to people in your life who need them. We need your help to make the Bluestockings Resource Library reach beyond the vision of our editors. Please send us more content and links to add to our current selection.

-Chanelle Adams, Academics Editor


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