band not-boyfriends


band not boy-friends


you still can’t play that instrument

cold beer against my cheek,

a saint bernard’s keg for

leaving me hanging

praying to the altar of the cool dude

is taking me home your salvation or mine?


sing me that drake song in the volvo with a

scratched up passenger seat

a saint jude on the dash

you’re a lost cause for sure


i felt a funeral in my brain but

it was just me trying not to text you



i think i started to fall in love with bad boys at age

seven am i cool yet?


mint  candy apple

i’m embarrassed i accidentally matched my nailpolish to my sweater

this particular date

can i roll my eyes back far enough enough into my teenage bedroom

it’s cool, we can still be friends


By: Lauren Allegrezza, Contributor 

All images found on Tumblr 

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