Nan Goldin, "Self-portrait in blue bathroom" London 1980
Nan Goldin, “Self-portrait in blue bathroom” London 1980

[did you know: this is a Safe space?

when our elbows are touching

and glasses of wine and whiskey clutter our table, and

your eyes open wide honest—

you say

I don’t know how it feels to be comfortable

to be not alone

to be Safe—]

[did you know: you smell like soil?

when you come home in the afternoon

and the morning was warm, but

your fingers are cold from the earth—

you say

I don’t know if I feel anything anymore

if I’m happy

or just—]

[did you know: you are beautiful?

when you don’t give a fuck

and you dance, with

your arms and hips exulting—

you say

I don’t know when I’ll fall in love

or if ever

or with myself—]


Leah Douglas

Leah Douglas is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She writes about food policy and her feelings. Her other work can be found at her website at You can follow her on Twitter @leahjdouglas.

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