Weekend Links Vol. 2: Less TaySwift, More Trans Activism

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we  gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links will illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like 

Jos wrote an excellent post on why feminist writers/activist/people need to make issues of trans discrimination and violence central to their work.  “To take those issues seriously, it’s necessary to think about how they’re different from your experience, how they shift the base you work from, and the assumptions you have that might end up perpetuating exclusion. This is the work we all have to do as part of an intersectional feminist movement where we all have different experiences of privilege and oppression.” [Feministing]

-Yet it seems the feminist fascination of the week is not trans issues but Taylor Swift. Brown student and blogger Clara Beyer created the most recent feminist viral meme. Feminist Tay Swift takes the pop singer’s kinda eeeky lyrics and gives them a clever gender aware twist. Parody and feminist dialogue ensues. One of our favorite examples: “She wears short skirts / I wear T-shirts / Neither of us are asking for it.”  [BuzzFeed]

-A recent study showed that everyone, even promiscuous women, are guilty of slut shaming. Instead of everyone realizing “oh, wow, there is a social stigma surrounding female sexuality,” the discussions have centered on why women hate other women. Ugh. Take note, Taylor Swift.  [Slate]

-After featuring an (adorable, talented) bi-racial child in a recent ad, Cheerios was forced to pull the ad from YouTube following a heated and troubling slew of racist commentators. Thankfully Kenji made this hilarious spoof, and the world was reminded of the continued importance in promoting and supporting bi-racial families with our breakfast cereals. [Huffington Post]

-A study showed that people have no idea how to picture or define a female political leader. Hmm. Wonder why. [National Journal]

-And on the subject of why we need more women in Washington: Senator Hirono aptly pointed out that the forthcoming immigration overhaul bill kinda screws women over. The bill utilizes a point system to “rank” incoming immigrants (eek) based on their job skills and higher education. Problem 1: Many women don’t have equal access to these resources. Also, there is no sibling category on the visa application. Problem 2: This essentially means women who want to move to the States to work with their families have to be married. Hirono, who came to the U.S. from Japan with her mom, who was fleeing from domestic abuse, will introduce an amendment  to the bill. [Jezebel]

-A Oregon woman thought she was getting Halloween decorations and instead unearth a Chinese labor camp prisoner’s cry for help. Zhang wrote and hid a letter addressed to the World Human Rights Organization accusing the Chinese government of persecution in a manufactured product. The discovered letter has sparked conversations of inhumane treatment of workers and prisoners in China. [New York Times]

17 states rejected an Obamacare Medicaid extension that would have provided mentally-ill patients receive treatment. Not surprisingly, these states also rank low in mental health care. Oy vey. Why state governments refuse to accept a generous federal grant to improve their citizen’s mental health is still a mystery. [MotherJones]

Feminist Blog Roll 

Each week we will feature a contemporary  blog we love and read. Today we recommend Girls Get Busy a feminist collective supporting female-identified artists, writers & musicians curated by Beth Siveyer. GGB distributes incredible zines! 


Tumblr Love Worthy Quote

I’m looking at you
In the “Cool story babe, now make me a sandwich” t-shirt
The commonly uses
“I raped you faggot”
when playing
Video games
To dehumanize
Your straight friends
The white kid who greets his buddies with the n-word
Who’s OkCupid dating profile describes him as a “nice guy”
He’s just sick of getting friend-zoned
Because being just friends with a woman
Is so terrible
Nevermind the fact that he answers yes to the following:
Are women obligated to shave their legs?
Are racist jokes funny?
When a woman is raped, is it sometimes her fault?

I’m looking at you
guy in every women’s studies class ever
who derails dialogue
About a third of the world’s population of women
Who will be raped
In their life times
By asserting
“the wage gap isn’t real”
the guy who starts “PimpWalk” in response
to slutwalk
a demonstration aimed at ending victim blaming
of rape victims
the guy with the “no fat chicks” bumpersticker on his F150
whos confused why
he cant get pussy
to the guy who calls anal rape
“surprise buttsex”
to the one who uses “feminazi”
as a frequent part
of his vernacular
to every guy who has ever thought that a facebook status
about domestic violence
was a good opportunity to practice playing the
devils advocate

to every guy
who has ever dismissed feminism
because it didn’t involve him
to every man who has ever raped a woman
to every man who has ever beaten one
isolated one
belittled one
dehumanized one
to every guy
who thinks he’s not like those ones
its just a joke
to every guy who is confused why feminists hate him
to every guy
its because
you’re part of a problem
a culture
that won’t stop choking us
but tells us
to just breath

-via fat-feminist

Art Worth Sharing

Guarded Condition, 1989, 18 color Polaroids, plastic letters, 21 engraved plastic plaques.
Lorna Simpson “Guarded Condition” 1989, 18 color Polaroids, plastic letters,
21 engraved plastic plaques.

Interweb Image FTW

muslim women

By Ana Alvarez, Managing Blog Editor

Additional Edits by Ann Kremen, Culture Editor

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