Recommended Viewing: I, You, We

I, You, We  delves into the multi layered access points provided by three identifying pronouns as present in the works of artists from the late 1980s and early 1990s. The distinct locations provided by each pronoun—the personal, the direct object, the identified collective—points to the larger intersectionalities between race, class, gender, and sexuality that are ardently felt within these artists and persisi three decades later.  This is the generation which took to the battles fought for identity politics—for AIDS relief, for gay liberation, for better urban care of the poor, for women’s rights—as the source of their creative output. Each of these works utilizes their specific medium, be it self portraiture and photography to printmaking with text, to challenge and perhaps displace the viewers and the own artists site of identity  Altogether the exhibition brings some of the best politically and personally inclined American art of the last half century.

I, You, We will be in view at the Whitney Museum of Art until September 1, 2013

By: Ana Cecilia Alvarez, Managing Blog Editor 

All Images found via Whitney Museum of Art 

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