Weekend Links 4: Looking Back On June’s Most Exciting Week in Feminism

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis standing up for Texan women’s right to choose.

Links We Like

This week was especially thrilling. Between Sen. Wendy Davis’ intended 13-hour filibuster in Texas and the Supreme Court’s rulings on DOMA & VRA (one disheartening and the other a landmark for human rights), we could not stay away from the internet’s endless flow of news, opinions and humor.

NYMag writes an uplifting article titled “On Wendy Davis, the Supreme Court, and Speaking Out As Women” about landmark gains for women and gay rights over the past week. [NYMag]

-Unfortunately, Rick Perry was not amused by Sen. Davis’ perfectly legal, democratic expression and decidedly spoke out against her personal life choices. ThinkProgress.org reports with video footage and quotes, saying of the pro-choice movement, “the louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done” [ThinkProgress]

-The DOMA Ruling will pave the way for binational same-sex couples regarding marriage equality. [Colorlines]

-The Supreme Court recently gutted the Voting Rights Act. *sigh* [Colorlines]

-Do you believe that the minimum wage should be raised? If not, then read this compelling case for why it is a racial justice issue. [ThinkProgress]

-In the latest on the Trayvon Martin case, what (some) white people don’t know about Rachel Jeantel. Also, on how portraying Jeantel as “combative” or “aggressive” is a classic way of discrediting black women’s experiences of trauma. [Salon]

-Amidst the extensive array of insightful online coverage, this argument for why Wendy Davis’ filibuster matters is one of the most compelling syntheses of the need for abortion rights. [Rolling Stone]

-Leticia Van de Putte wrote a fantastic response to this week’s events in Texas called “Why I Stood With Wendy.” [Chron]

-Also, Bay Area rapper, Lil B or Based God, tweeted at Wendy Davis in support of her filibuster and took an opportunity during a Rolling Stone interview to express his feminist views. [Rolling Stone]

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.42.43 PM

-Remember when Eisenhower warned about the waxing of the ‘military-industrial complex’ at the end of his presidency? Welcome to today’s surveillance-marketing complex. [Mother Jones]

-Is the recent release of documents detailing the NSA’s PRISM program, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano expresses nonchalance over its unveiling, shrugging it off as yet another instance of the male gaze being surprised to find itself being watched. Women, she argues, have not yet been afforded that same luxury. [The New Inquiry]

-The Disney Channel will include its first queer (lesbian) couple for its new series, Good Luck Charlie. The representation of queer couples in children’s media is pivotal to normalizing queer sexualities and ensuring that kids don’t feel abnormal about their sexual orientations. [After Ellen]

A hilarious tumblr about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, titled Notorious R.B.G. Need we say more?

-As the immigration reform bill passes the Senate, we should ask ourselves: is this a feminist and LGBTQ+ win? [Feministing]

-The Supreme Court has finally struck down an incredibly harmful anti-sex work pledge, which previously disallowed the usage of funds to “be used to provide assistance to any group or organization that does not have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking.” This pledge has been detrimental to sex workers’ health and ability to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. [Feministing]

-Have you already given up on beauty pageants?  Then Miss You Can Do It may sway your opinion. [The Daily Beast]

-A transgender 1st-grade girl in Colorado is now allowed to use the girls’ bathroom. This is groundbreaking for trans children’s rights and the first case of its kind in the US. (Though, please note, she was not “born” a boy, as is stated in the article, but was incorrectly assigned the male sex at birth. Similarly, Chaz Bono was not “born female”, as is clearly evidenced by his gender identity. Furthermore, trans identities are not statistically correlative to non-heterosexual orientations. But yay for CNN actually bothering to cover trans* issues!) [CNN]

-Want to learn how to be queerly mentored? [HyperAllergic]

-The World Health Organization (WHO) has pronounced Violence Against Women a worldwide epidemic. [ThinkProgress]

-To make marriage truly equal, we should stop using the term “gay marriage.” [Salon]

-In a move you’d expect from Azealia Banks, Alec Baldwin finds it appropriate to spew homophobic hatred and connote rape jokes via Twitter, calling a reporter a “toxic little queen” and suggesting he’d sodomize him. He may not have won the Academy Award, but at least he can say he deserves an award for Twitter-homophobe of the day. [Salon]

-Should race be a factor included in Affirmative Action? Or should class be its central priority? The Supreme Court apparently believes the latter, despite the U.S.’s extensive history of racial exclusion and marginalization. [Slate]

-Ever wonder what a feminist makeup tutorial might look like? Look no further. (Disclaimer: this tutorial is a satirical farce and is not meant to be taken seriously.)

Feminist Blog Roll

The UnSlut Project is working to undo the dangerous slut-shaming in our schools, communities, media, and culture by sharing knowledge and experiences. Read women’s testimonies here.

A Familial Quote

“The most important lesson I have learned, and from my mother, is that our post-gender families must elevate the traditionally female values of nurturing and homemaking above all else–for it is this work, what women have always done, that turns isolated individuals into families and communities, brick and mortar into hearth and home, and gives meaning to our lives.”Barbara J Risman, Gender Vertigo (1998)

Risman’s book argues down the use of gender as the central organizing mechanism in society and families, and promotes an equitable share of the work that has long been deemed “feminine.”

catherine opie
Catherine Opie, Norma & Eyenga, Minneapolis Minnesota (from the Domestic Series) 1998

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