topsy tuvy

how high a place, how low a feeling

how intangible the earth once you’ve hit the ceiling

floored down until you dip, drop to yr death

spin round and round until you’re out of breathe

one final gulp of air before you prowl perilously then hover

near the periphery, kiss soft flesh, curb, hurl yourself, over

above the last palace of your poor little pities, darling

can we stay strong, lest we finally go out and about

and hold on for one moment of sweet repose thinking

as you put down last love letters to a world undiscovered

place pebbles atop them to stop the wind from blowing

traces, dreams, memories all adrift, perhaps asunder,

away into an abyss, above an empty starless skyline

of dust in the air of unlovable streets and houses rotten

and in them all the people lay in the cover of night’s awning

lulled eyes amidst plucked and pulled planes at hand

kids at the bottom waiting for their moms and all us loners

hoping they might blink the moment I slip

down endlessly, least till my eyes done go and trip

over my tongue when words fail to grasp the brief

battering of the body – bruises, shattered bones –

before they almost follow suit and collapse

but it is his decision and his alone to choose to live

or die before his days dry up like drained dunes

during the dingy dearth of summer yet he does

not wait for anybody but himself to brace the world

to wonder why it is here he stands, with such embrace

of promised and uncompromising hallowed lands

please come with me, as fast as your legs can carry

you to be the one whose undying love clings free

kiss me, hold me, together we’ll always be

one and the same at the comforting constancy

of our bodies falling in concert in accordance with gravity

and silently we fold as one and hold each other’s arms

and pray for silence once our spines at last whirl and unfurl, now gone

All images found via Tumblr

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