Weekend Links Vol. 5: Riots in Egypt, Grrls on Tumblr

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like

This week, our eyes have been on the political uprisings in Egypt. [NYT]

Our own Professor Tricia Rose for CNN on Paula Deen and her “half-baked” apology. [CNN]

With the a surge of female-identified online publications, feminist based writing and art has found its home in the girl cybercultures of Tumblr, perhaps a newer technological iteration of the Riot Grrl zine culture of the 90s. [Dazed Digital]

How are our perceptions of empathy affected by our perceptions of race? The answer could help explain the Treyvon Martin’s tragic death. [Slate]

Feminism, as an ideological fram and a form of activism, needs to adapt to the “new proletariats” of the 21st century. [Aljezeera]

Women working in the our agricultural industry are subject to perilous working conditions and constant sexual harassment. [Center for Investigative Reporting]

Take the literacy test administered to African American voters in Louisiana in the 1960s; it will give your right to vote a whole new perspective. [Slate]

Causes We Support

Michelle Senteio, recent alumni of Brown University’s class of 2013, was selected as a finalist for Miss Rhode Island. That means that if she wins in September, she could go on to represent Lil Rhody in the Miss USA Pageant!


Read Michelle’s eloquent explanation for her decision to participate in the (sometimes controversial) pageant: “I know what a lot of you are thinking: isn’t this a competition that thrives on the objectification of women by parading them around in swimsuits and evening wear? Yes, people believe that. But my goal through entering the competition is to introduce a different sort into the pool. I want to challenge what people believe beauty to be. What I mean to say is: I’m going to rock my afro and represent what it means to actually be a powerful, educated, self-confident woman in today’s society.”

Feminist Blog Roll


Tender was established in April 2013 as a platform for work by female-identified writers and artists. The journal is published four times a year as a carefully curated pdf. Tender is edited by rachael allen and sophie collins

Check out the recently released first issue here!

Love Worthy Quote


The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries. Much of the foundation of the modern world was built on the forced free labor of black peoples. The African Slave Trade, the institution of slavery, colonialism, its derivative systems, and the multiple holocausts throughout history, where whites used race as the defining reason to justify their oppression, conquest, and brutal treatment of non-white peoples, are how race became such a factor to begin with.

–Lauryn Hill

Art Worth Sharing

ana mendiata
Ana Mendieta “Untitled” (Facial Hair transplant, moustache) 1972 performance

Internet Video FTW

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