Video Roundup: Dustin Hoffman and Beyonce Made Us Cry

This week we found an abundance of YouTube videos that helped us learn, made us sing, made us cry. We bring you a special double post on Weekend Links and dedicate this one to videos we will watch again and again.

Actor Dustin Hoffman gained notoriety with his 1982 role as Tootsie, a male actor who adopts drag in order to get a job and learned a bit about gender a long the way. The movie has gone on to win Academy Awards and recognitions for its significance to popular culture—it was one of the first positive representations of gender bending and cross dressing. Decades later, RuPaul has his own reality TV show and transactivism is a vital part of feminism. In this video, Hoffman speaks about the personal importance of his role, and in an emotional outpour, describes what many women feel everyday—the painful discrimination of lookism.

Franchesca Ramsey (better known as chescaleigh) creates honest, insightful, and hilarious YouTube videos on issues dealing with sex, gender, and race. Her most viewed vide “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” just hit 10 million views, so we though we would commemorate it by viewing it a bit more. If you like what you see, be sure to view out her personal and powerful video in responde to Jenna Marbles (another YouTube personality) on victim blaming and slut shaming. 

Feminist blogger, beaut lady, and Tumblr queen Celia Edell makes insightful and intelligent educational videos on gender and sex. One of our recent faves is her video on neurosexsim. Celia explains how the faulty theories of biological difference are supported by even more faulty forms of research. She talks about how much scientific research on gender difference many times is influenced and attempts to accomodate  discriminations instead of disproving them.

Whenever you think all is lost, listen to Queen B.

UPDATE: After posting this, I found this another incredible video on intersectionality within immigration, race, and sexuality. Produced by, this video shows personal testimonies from  queer immigrants of color. 

Ana Cecilia Alvarez, Managing Blog Editor


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