Weekend Links Vol. 9: Queens of the Mic

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like 

Women who left the work force to engage in the very real labor of child care, referred to by the NYT  as the  “Opt-Out” generation (opting out from what remains unclear – a “good” job, higher income earnings, leadership in the work force) want to return to the work force. [NYT]

Feminist bloggers and twitter users are on the watch for cyber rape threats on Twitter. [Girls Get Busy]

A teen girl has become the youngest person to pass the bar exam in the UK. [BUST]

To continue to prove that young women really can do anything—Rachel Parent, a teen and food activist at the front of fighting GMO, schooled a Canadian TV host.   [True Activist]

“I Once Had a Guy Tell Me…” finally catalogs the countless conversation you have had with your friends about the shitty and subtle instances of casual sexism. [Feminspire]

A family tells their account of raising a gender-blind child. A must read. [Friend’s Journal]

A thoughtful look at interracial marriages  how the pains of successfully  “passing,”   denying,  hiding your identity.  [The Atlantic]

A company in India is helping de-bunk the stigma surrounding menstruation and giving women jobs in sanitary napkin production in the process. [The Atlantic]

Women charged for prostitution in Texas get classes in empowerment and self-esteem as part of their rehab program. [NYT]

Yet, one writer notes, despite  claims of violence and objectification,  sex work is and should always  be a legitimate and dignified form of labor. [The Guardian]

An excellent and sadly at times necessary guide on how to talk to someone about  their privileged. [Everyday Feminism]

Meet the young man who exposed police racial profiling with his IPhone. [Top Info]

A biting and a bit depressing rendering of six fairy tales for women. [The Hairpin]

Janet Mock on the persisting and painful barriers transgender folk have to face everyday. [HuffPo]

A promising student and skateboarder was tasered to death in Miami after being caught tagging. Israel Hernández-Llach, the young street artist, was 18. [Hyperallergic]

Advertisements were really killing it this week:

Here is a hilariously accurate portrayal of how women think according to ads.

Adorable and amusing, this ad for Hello Flo proves young girls can be open and take pride in knowing their bodies.

Feminist Blog Roll 

Check out The Filthy Freedom Project —a collaborative online community unabashedly dedicated to promoting nuanced dialogue on issues of sex, sexuality & body image.  They engage at the crossroads of race and culture, where self-love is a civil right.

Filthy Freedom aims to lift the voices of those historically pushed to the peripheries of our social, cultural, political and economic institutions – the marginalized – whose very essence has been deemed blackened, soiled and depraved by society.

Quote of the Week 

“For me, personally, feminism is hearing your pain and your struggle in another women’s voice and suddenly realizing there’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s nothing wrong with her, but there’s something wrong with the world that’s trying to make you think that there is. It’s not about hairy armpits and hating men, it’s about making each other feel less crazy and getting together to do something about it.” —Shelby Knox, director, women’s rights organizing, Change.org at the Women in the World Next Generation Leadership Academy 

Art Worth Sharing 

coloring coloring2 coloring4 lilkim

Girl Gang Underground Coloring Book featuring queens of the mic and other bad bitches.

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