Weekend Links Vol. 11: Bad Feminists

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like

This week, the ignorance of transgender issues in the conversations surrounding Chelsea Manning’s case, and the ever present deathly violence against trans folk, remind us why our feminisms must fights for transgender justice.

In other news:


The conversation sparked by #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen continues: is feminism only for white women? [Policy Mic]

Roxane Gay heads a panel discussion on race and feminism on NPR with an incredibly vital and spot-on call on ways in which feminist platforms can address racial injustices and divides within feminist media. [NPR]

Others see a new racial justice movement bubbling to a boil. [ColorLines]

A woman in the military looks at Joan of Arc for guidance amid institutional sexism. [Daily Beast]

A woman showed empathy ; a school shooting was prevented. [Gawker]

Pinterest and jars and the end of expertise. [The New Republic]

Traveling in India (or anywhere) alone, as a woman, can be (shouldn’t be, but is) dangerous. [CNN]

Yet, lets not kid ourselves. Sexual harassment is a GLOBAL problem. [CNN]

A back gay woman helps her husband run for office; shows that women are more than labels. [Essence]

The White House will talk about bisexual issues for the first time. Ever. Cool. [Autostraddle]

I feel like…. I say I feel like a lot? [Jezebel]

“Escape from the White-Savior Industrial Complex: The Game” Enough said. [Racialicious]

How to date trans women, for cis women. [Everyday Feminism]

Feminist Blog Roll


We love Alok Vaid-Menon poetry blog Return The Gayze. Powerful words on sexuality, gender identity, and race.

Quote of the Week

The reason racism is a feminist issue is easily explained by the inherent definition of feminism. Feminism is the political theory and practice to free all women: women of color, working-class women, poor women, physically challenged women, lesbians, old women, as well as white economically privileged heterosexual women. Anything less than this is not feminism, but merely female self-aggrandizement.

-Barbara Smith [via girls get busy]

Art Worth Sharing

"Afro.died, T." (2011) by Iona Rezeal Brown
“Afro.died, T.” (2011) by Iona Rezeal Brown
Museo-Magazine-Martha-Rosler-Semiotics-of-the-Kitchen-1975_800 (1)
Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975, Video Still
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