Love Me For Witch I Am

animation still 2010, Nicole Hassling
animation still 2010, Nicole Hasslinger

Child of the opposition, ever exercising free will

Let us churn together in the tides.

While fools attempt at nature’s task:

Refuse to humble yourself.

Bound me not by the mettle of monogamy,

Whose too-short tethers fight the ocean.

Show yourself wise of temporality,

Swear by the moon, the inconsistent moon:

We will burn with the wax, and

May we long with the wane.

Trust that I will return

Paler, fuller than remembered,

To stay through the night.

But if you crave daily assurance,

Tie your heart to something fearful,

and leave me be: you will not

Love me for witch I am.

by: Nicole Hasslinger, Editor-In-Chief 

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