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Competition is fierce on the internet. The rate of uploads is so rapid that reporting on something from yesterday, or last week, feels vintage. We funnel content through narrow channels that distill our perspectives into safe spaces. We see what we want to see.

Breaking through the pattern recognition is {young}ist. New to the scene, {young}ist is “powered” by young people (under 26). Their mission is to bridge gaps between artist and activist, build innovative community, and challenge everything.

In a short time, {young}ist has created an impressive and thoughtful curation on a wide range of issues that influence how we see and operate in the world today. From incredibly honest interviews that break open punk, gender, and ivory tower to laying reproductive justice out in full view, it’s been awhile since I’ve experienced such anticipation for a new post. 

“The long emergency ahead”: Reproductive Justice Organizing in Red State and Rural Spaces is a great reminder that faith and optimism exist in these dark times where access to reproductive health care – even the basics – is disappearing. It’s hard not to feel the impact of such misogynistic policies – no matter what your zipcode.

Having grown up in both a red state and rural spaces, I appreciated hearing the voices of those who don’t need messaging campaigns to move to action.  This isn’t politics; this is life. Centering the experiences and hearing the solutions from this often overlooked population, Pauline Holdsworth shows us what mobilizing for justice looks like right now.

There are details like the reality of how class informs the ability to be an activist.  It’s also a narrative that eloquently lays out why it’s important to support each other’s work because competition in a land of scarcity is dangerous. Elevating the fact that relationships are conduits of knowledge and strategic makes this a must read.

I encourage you to follow {young}ist on tumblr and twitter. Open a new channel. You won’t be disappointed.

-Ginger Hintz, Contributor

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