Call for Submissions to our Blog, Zine & Issue!

Call for Submissions!

Bluestockings Magazine is currently seeking submissions for our 3 platforms: our daily blog, monthly zines, and semesterly issue! We accept general submissions or media-specific submissions. See below for more information about our platforms and some guidelines about submissions to each one!

We accept all forms of content – creative, personal, academic, activist or otherwise.

We are as open to poetry and art as we are essays or political analysis.

We encourage you to send anything that you believe deals with issues of gender or identity in any manner.

We accept applications from people of all genders, races, sexualities, abilities, nationalities, ethnicities, incomes and educational backgrounds.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!


Since we update our blog daily, we are constantly looking for multimedia content. We encourage submissions that can easily incorporate visuals, videos and hyperlinks. This is the platform for more timely posts, such as responses to other articles or reporting on or beyond campus. Our blog is the platform with the widest circulation and highest viewership, so it’s a great opportunity to gain online exposure and expand your digital writing portfolio! We accept blog submissions on a rolling basis.


Every semester, we print a hard copy of the issue. Unfortunately, this platform is limited by the amount of space in the magazine. On average we accept around 22 submissions under specific sections: Academic, Art, Culture, Features, Literature, Opinions, Politics, and Sex & Health.  Most of the work in our issue is later re-published on the blog, and some of it has ended up in our zine! Past issues can be found hereThe deadline for issue submissions is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 at MIDNIGHT.


We are seeking literary and visual submissions for our emerging monthly zines! We encourage all forms of collage, scrapbooking, poetic and literary works, academic articles, and all forms of creative expression! Zine submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

We look forward to all of your submissions!


The Editorial Board of Bluestockings Magazine

Please send all submissions and inquires to

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