Weekend Links Vol. 15

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

 Links We Like

Meet Qahera, the hijab-garbed superheroine of Egypt. [Women of the World]

Breaking binaries—neither from here or from there. [Feministing]

No, AIG, you did not get “lynched.” [Colorlines]

What to do if you are queer and bullied [Lamda Legal]

Who’s gonna win the privilege tournament!? [Gawker]

SHE WILL. [Thought Catalog]

Books by women!?! [Atlantic]

Affirmative action muffins are stupid. [Total Frat Move] — not making this shit up.

Love on the basketball court. [HuffPo]


Feminism, queerness, and inclusivity — all things we love. [Julia Serrano]

You need vodka caviar and steak to explain food stamps to Congress. [Buzzfeed]

Being better than your boyfriend will piss him off, yay! [Jezebel]

Pussy Riot hunger strike. [The Gaurdian]

Sikh-American Columbia  professor beaten [Buzzfeed]

Less drug arrests, less prisons. [Colorlines]

No Miley, you are NOT LIL KIM. STOP. [UpRoxx]

No tampons for the middle class. [Jezebel]

The Reagan era has come to an end! Lets celebrate! [ACLU]

Vintage lesbian pulp novels. [Buzzfeed]

The history behind the word “feminism” [Autostraddle]


Feminist Blog Roll


Gal is a gallery based in Limehouse where what we know as girly will be the uncoded. With a pink floor this is what the artists and visitors have to adapt their art or mind to. Newly opened and yet to be defined, we know, when a Gal grows up post 2k, the internet is hard to escape. Just as the www that raised us, we are still happy to announce this physical space.

Quote of the Week

Black transgender people had an unemployment rate of 26%, twice that of transgender people as a whole, and four times the general population. 34% reported income under $10,000/year, more the double the poverty rate of all trans people, and over eight times that of the general population. These studies confirm what many in the community already know: that those with intersecting identities such as being a trans-woman and a person of color experience one oppression compounded by another.

via basichumanrights.com 

Art Worth Sharing


“People have too much taste these days. I pray for chic.”

Andrea Mary Marshall interviewed by Sarah Nicole Pricett  for The New Inquiry

Internet Images FTW

lol simpsons

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