Weekend Links Vol.17: No Airbrushing, Please

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere. 

Links We Like

Finally, a women’s magazine with a ‘no airbrush’ policy. [Huffington Post]

Obama nominates Janet Yellen to lead Federal Reserve. [Ms. Magazine]

A trans* couple transitions together. [Gawker]

Adolescent girls are organizing in the Girl Effect. [The Girl Effect]

Trans* man chose suicide after rejection and a lifetime’s worth of hatred – “My mother complained, ‘If only you had been born a boy.'” [OutJustice]

Learn how we can simplify the wealth gap and rebuild the possibility of a middle class in America. [Colorlines]

On America’s Miley Cyrus complex. [New Statesman]

Oh gURL, it’s nice to meet you IRL. [Rhizome]

Obama sets measures to further control the media. [The Nation]

What it’s like to be a furloughed federal worker during the government shutdown. [Fox News Latino]

Coloring the whitewashed history of medieval art. [Tumblr]

Coming out as disabled. [The Advocate]

The government shutdown incites more people to begin using Obamacare. How ironic. [ThinkProgress]

Matt Philbin writes an op-ed in the Washington Times on how trans* people are “dismantling” civilization. Huh. [Media Matters for America]

Horror and Trans*femininity, or Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Trans* Woman? [AutoStraddle]

How racism caused the government shutdown. [ThinkProgress]

Author of Whipping Girl, Julia Serano, considers and conceptualizes queer & trans* appropriation. [Whipping Girl]

Learn how to (ethically, consensually) be sexually dominant. [Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health]

Stigma limits self-disclosure for queer/trans* people’s identities – but also bigots’ anti-gay sentiments. [ThinkProgress]

The White Savior Complex reemerges with Malala Yousafzai. [Huffington Post]

Massive indigenous rights movement emerges in Brazil. [Upside Down World]

How we can amplify women’s participation in the recording industry. [Colorlines]

How to reduce the gender gap in academia in one simple way. [Washington Post]

Trans* immigrants face unique, intersectional difficulties. [Colorlines]

Feminist Blog Roll

Monica Roberts, a trans African-American woman from Texas, runs TransGriot, a blog that discusses race, gender, class and American identity. Winner of 2010 BWA Best LGBT Blog and finalist for this year’s competition, she writes daily with a healthy dose of trans* rage. Check it out!

Quote of the Week


Re-forming the Crystal || Adrienne Rich

I am trying to imagine
how it feels to you
to want a woman

trying to hallucinate
centered in a cock
focused like a burning-glass

desire without discrimination:
to want a woman like a fix

Desire: yes, the sudden knowledge, like coming out of ‘flu, that the body is sexual. Walking in the streets with that knowledge. That evening in the plane from Pittsburg, fantasizing going to meet you. Walking through the airport blazing with energy and joy. But knowing all along that you were not the source of that energy and joy; you were a man, a stranger, a name, a voice on the telephone, a friend; this desire was mine, this energy my energy; it could be used a hundred ways, and going to meet you could be one of them.

Tonight is a different kind of night.
I sit in the car, racing the engine,
calculating the thinness of the ice.
In my head I am already threading the beltways
that rim this city,
all the old roads that used to wander the country
having been lost.
Tonight I understand
my photo on the license is not me,
name on the marriage-contract was not mine.
If I remind you of my father’s favorite daughter,
look again, the woman
I needed to call my mother
was silenced before I was born.

Tonight if the battery charges I want to take the car out on sheet-ice; I want to understand my fear both of the machine and of the accidents of nature. My desire for you is not trivial; I can compare it with the greatest of those accidents. But the energy it draws on might lead to racing a cold engine, cracking the frozen spiderweb, parachuting into the field of a poem wired with danger, or to a trip through the gorges and canyons, into the cratered night of female memory, where delicately and with intense care the chiefteness inscribes upon the ribs of the volcano the name of the one she has chosen.

Art Worth Sharing

In Christian Charm Course: Student’s Book, 1985

Internet Images FTW

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