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Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Call for Submissions!

Bluestockings is currently seeking submissions! We accept all forms of content in our three platforms: our daily blog, monthly zines, and semesterly issues. Submissions should somehow be inflected with issues of gender, or issues of identity and disparity more broadly, including but not limited to sex, race, class, ethnicity, nationality, language, disability, and so forth. The deadline is this Sunday, October 20th by midnight.

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Links We Like

Will Brown divest from coal? Or, to quote the author, “will we be another Harvard, too committed to the status quo to take action against the worst environmental disaster humanity has ever faced?” [Brown Daily Herald]

Access to birth control leads to higher incomes. Shocker. [The Wall Street Journal]

On Instagram, censorship and the female body, or why Petra Collins’s account got deleted because of an untrimmed bikini line. [Oyster]

A look at abortion in the 19th-century. [The Nation]

The Huffington Post is doing a series on the relationship between trans* people and queer allies. [The Huffington Post]

Check out the Girl Declaration, to be brought forward to the UN. [The Girl Effect]

A female journalist criticizes the “antidemocratic reign” of mainstream media (90% of which is now owned by 6 media conglomerates.) [Luna Luna]

9 strategies for non-oppressive polamory. [BlackGirlDangerous]

A visual history of muscular women. [Brain Pickings]

Closing the gender gap in Wikipedia editors & in content. [Free Culture Society]

Janet Yellen’s triple mandate: unemployment, inflation & the reigning in of Wall Street. [The Atlantic]

Gravity, Sandra Bullock, and three-dimensionality in female film characters. [The Nation]

An interview with trans* musician, Lady J. [PAPER]

Parent discusses trans* son’s experiences with legal victories and backlashes in educational discrimination in California. [The Advocate]

*My name is my cultural identity.” [Womanisms]

An argument on why naked images of women aren’t harmless. [Salon]

Artist models as male and female genders in androgynous photography set. [BuzzFeed]

A feminist discussion of Lorde’s “Royals.” [Feminist Music Geek]

What does the gender gap in Congress look like? [Salon]

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) releases special issue, “Improving Feminist Philosophy and Theory by Taking Account of Disability.” [Disability Studies Quarterly]

On why this woman of color is no longer reading Jezebel. [Batty Mamzelle]

How female avatars in gaming impact women IRL. [Futurity]

In Canada, 40 protestors of shale gas exploration from Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq First Nation were arrested and ‘dozens’ were peppersprayed. [O.Canada]

How can we de-tangle racism (if we can) within the ‘Can I Touch It?’ campaign? Crunk Feminist Collective writes on the relationship between white women and black hair. [Crunk Feminist Collective]

Nancy Pelosi discusses the “irresponsible” GOP, women’s issues, and suffrage. [Salon]

LGBT communities and the Affordable Care Act. [American Progress]

Brownwen Clune of the Guardian finds Twitter’s lack of women on its board inexcusable. [The Guardian]

A trans* journalist, Paris Lees, tops the UK’s Pink List, which features high-profile LGBTQ+ Brits in Independent on Sunday. [The Advocate]

The UN now aims to stop the usage of sexual violence in war. [Women of the World]

Talking about women in tech. [Medium]

Some thoughts on how to be an ally to trans* people. [Tranifesto]

A 60-second guide to Alice Walker, the latest of 13 women to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. [Women of the World]

Janice Raymond’s involvement with trans healthcare policy in the U.S. [The Transadvocate]

100 women speak out in China about bans on women. [BBC]

Gloria Steinem opines about Mileygate, fails to critique her own and Miley’s implicit racism and appropriative history. [The Huffington Post]

Study finds that TV diversity correlates with higher ratings. [Colorlines]

France’s recent deportation of a 15-year-old girl has resulted in protests and national dialogue on immigration policies. [NPR]

What would Barbie look like without make-up? [The Huffington Post]

The homes and livelihoods of many immigrants have been wiped away by flooding in Colorado. [NPR]

This trans* woman’s trans-amory is not a fetish. After immense criticism, her trans* husband speaks out in her defense. [The Advocate]

What has Bridget Jones done for the singleton? [The Frisky]

Has feminism become capitalism’s handmaiden? [The Guardian]

Feminist Blog Roll

Feel like your feminism has been lacking in talk of the Great Recession or of the wars abroad, or overly U.S.-centric? Then check out The Nation. The Nation is an incisive source of criticism, though it is fairly liberally oriented. The Nation is America’s oldest weekly publication.

Video of the Week

A new reality series will explore transgender involvement in the military, which currently disallows them to serve openly. Check it out!

Quote of the Week

Via Miss R*EVOLutionaries

Art Worth Sharing

"Photocopied Dolls" by Jennifer Avery, 2013
“Photocopied Dolls”
Jennifer Avery 2013
mixed media sculpture,performance, photocopies
dimensions variable
photograph by Nicolas Baird
also expressed in book form: http://issuu.com/vinegar/docs/dollsissuucopy02
Jennifer Avery is currently a resumed undergraduate (RUE) student at Brown University, where she is an art editor of Bluestockings Magazine. She hails from the alt/cabaret movement of Boston, MA, and received her Associates degree in Fine Art from Bristol Community College. She currently lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts with her cats, various collections and fiancé. In February she will have her first major solo exhibition at Yellow Peril Gallery in Providence, RI.
“Wolves holding tea parties in the forest that end in Bacchanalian orgies (“Could I warm up your cup of lamb’s blood?”) Filthy children dressed in silk and cashmere snipping thread to the rhythm of vile, throbbing machines (they, of course are fed on nothing but treacle and dirt cake) Sacred dance rituals actually performed by the gold foiled bone exposed relics (held in place with jewel-toned thread, scraps of trash and bubble gum) Velvet salon conversations by rotting pieces of wood with monocles and spats (“I say old chap that witches butter fungus on your clavicle is delightful!”)”

                Absurdities, contradictions, opposites, amuse and frighten me-things whimsical and macabre, glamorous and rotten, strong and vulnerable,natural and constructed, erotic and innocent: strict Victorian decorum and ferocious punk rock dances. I like things in the uncanny realm of attraction and repulsion. Most of my work takes on the aspects of childhood; particularly dolls through the ambiguous lens of a cherished nightmare. The basis for this adoration of competing dualities comes from a through enjoyment and loathing of societies’ ingrained performance of gender and femininity.”

“Photocopied Dolls” is a multifaceted artwork involving sculpture, passive photography and performance. As such it manifests in forms ranging from a a digital book to a physical instillation. “My art practice tends to be obsessive with repetition and the desire for everyday life to be art. To make these portraits I brought suitcases full of dolls to Office Max and Staples, tossed my fur coat on the floor and proceeded to photocopy their tiny bodies for hours. I did this so many times and for such a length of time people would ask me- me! The creature in an outdated polyester dress with unbrushed hair, silent movie makeup and a suitcase full of dolls, questions about the store (oh yes, printer ink? Aisle 3. We close at 930.)”

Internet Images FTW

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