Weekend Links Vol.19: Ray(cist) Kelly Comes to Brown?

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Sign the Petition!

“In response to the Taubman Center for Public Policy inviting Commissioner Ray Kelly to present on “proactive policing,” we, concerned members of the Brown and Providence community, would like to voice our dissent.”

See the event page and sign the petition!

Links We Like

How can we “get people to give a damn” about climate change? [Mother Jones]

15% of people between 16 and 24 are both unemployed and no longer in school. [Colorlines]

The lovely Ana Alvarez speaks out against the corporate rebranding of feminism. [The Daily Beast]

Rhetoric against trans* teens is escalating. [Think Progress]

Winner of the worst Halloween costume yet? Meet “Anna Rexia.” [The Huffington Post]

Angel Haze raps over remix of Macklemore’s “Same Love.” [Colorlines]

Is female pleasure what’s being censored in film? [The Week]

Marriage equality is now a reality in New Jersey! [Feministing]

An interview with CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady discusses art, feminism & the future. [Bust Magazine]

Madeleine Albright has high hopes for the world’s women at the UN. [The Daily Beast]

“Capitalism, you could say, has midwifed feminism.” [The Baffler]

On the pains of abortion stigma — and what we can do to fix it. [Think Progress]

What does it take to get a black boy to college? [Colorlines]

The story of Mia Farrow. [Vanity Fair]

How to survive in a women’s prison (as a white woman.) From the creator of Orange is the New Black. [Mother Jones]

Is there a link between domestic violence and animal abuse? [The Feminist Wire]

Charlotte Church speaks out against the routine “demoralization” of women in the music industry. [Digital Music News]

Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch are both claiming that Obama’s drone strike program goes against international law. [AlJazeera]

Waris Dirie decries the practice of female genital modification against girls. [The Guardian]

Low wages paid to fast food workers costs Americans $7 billion per year. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Does Hollywood have a problem with depicting slavery? [BBC]

Someone gets the “great idea” to have an “Africa-themed party.” Let me tell you, it’s not. [Colorlines]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg teams up with DREAMers by hosting hackathon for undocumented immigrants. [The Huffington Post]

“Ah, to be Young, Rich, White, Male, College-Educated, Straight, and In Love.” [The Onion]

Images of girls drinking used to victim-blame, instead of talk about rape culture. [Jessica Valenti]

Some thoughts on a 17-year-old boy being killed for “acting like a girl.” [The Huffington Post]

Do Muslim women need saving? If not, then why has the trope of the abused Muslim girl been on the rise in literary media? [The Daily Beast]

Feminist Blog Roll

The Feminist Crunk Collective (CFC) seeks to create “a space of support and camaraderie for hip hop generation feminists of color, queer and straight, in the academy and without, by building a rhetorical community, in which we can discuss our ideas, express our crunk feminist selves,  fellowship with one another, debate and challenge one another, and support each other, as we struggle together to articulate our feminist goals, ideas, visions, and dreams in ways that are both personally and professionally beneficial.” Check their important work out!

Quote of the Week

A Tumblr, Transquotes, dedicates itself to quotes by trans* people about being trans* and coming out.

Art Worth Sharing

‘All Oppression Is Connected’ by Jim Chuchu

Internet Images FTW

from Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)
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