Handy Dandy Flowchart for Not Being Foolish on Halloween

‘Handy Dandy Flowchart For Not Being Foolish on Halloween’ by Krishan Aghi

By Krishan Aghi, Contributor

Featured Image: “Native Appropriations” by Jen Mussari (with permission)

  1. I’ll keep this quick. Here in the United States of America there are many freedoms. I do not agree with someone insulting another persons ethnicity, beliefs, or background in anyway but it is allowed. Have you noticed that the face masks for presidents are not being taken off of the shelves in stores. It’s not a crime to where around the persona of something or someone you’re not. If that were the case, there would be a lot of little children not trick-or-treating tonight. It’s a DWI situation.

  2. I should have sent this to a friend I know that was wearing a “nekab” for halloween, and another friend that was wearing ” white galabya and a fake long beard” as if they were ” Ikhwan” which is not funny at all because they are a group of people that should be respected even if someone doesn’t agree with their way of thinking and opinions.

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