The 1st Annual “Young Bluestockings” Writing Challenge: DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Part of our ongoing effort in finding new, fresh voices is creating room within Bluestockings for high school students to have their say on topics concerning feminism and human rights.

Here’s to the millennials younger and brighter than us.  This one’s just for you.

Think critically. Get creative. Be honest.  


Please respond to 1 of the 6 prompts below.

1. How do you think sex education should be taught, and why?

2. How have media and popular culture (i.e. films, music, art, TV shows, etc.) affected the way you view and relate to yourself?

3. Audre Lorde once said, “There’s no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” What does this quote mean to you?

4. What does feminism mean to you? Why do you need feminism?

5.  Tell us about an important role model in your life.

6. What is a topic or issue that you think is related to feminism?  Write about it.


Recommended word count: 750-1000 words.

You may include photos, illustrations, and any other visual or multimedia components in your submission.  Please do not feel like you have to write an academic essay.  You may use an informal voice.  We want to get to know you through your writing!



Your piece will be read by someone on the Bluestockings staff, or one of the many professors, Ph.D, candidates, graduate and undergraduate students who are looking forward to reading your submissions.

Every applicant will receive thorough feedback.  We know that you have spent a lot of time and energy on these submissions.  We will honor your commitment to your piece by thoroughly and critically engaging with your work.


We will select a group of finalists and 1 Grand Prize Winner.

Finalists’ Prize

Our finalists’ submissions will be published on our blog at the end of November at 

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize winner’s submission will be published in our Fall 2013 print issue of Bluestockings.  The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a copy of the Fall and Spring 2013 print issues of Bluestockings, as well as a “Coloring Outside the Kitchen” feminist coloring book.


The best way to submit your application to us is via email.


1. Email for an information sheet

2. Email your submission to  The subject line should be “Young Bluestockings”.

Attach your submission, any media, and the information sheet.

If you cannot email us your application, you can mail us hard copies of your submission.


1. Email for an information sheet

2. Mail your submission and the information sheet to this address:

Bluestockings Magazine

153 Governor St. Floor 3,

Providence, RI, 02906 

NOTE: Please be aware that our print magazine and blog have sexually explicit material.  We speak openly about sex, women’s health, queer issues, and other topics.


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