Feminism Is A Dirty Word

Feminist Ryan Gosling

What I think the some people hear when I tell them that I’m a feminist, based on their reactions:

I hate men.

I hate women.

I sewed my vagina shut and I’ll cut off the penis of any man that talks to me.


I’m medicated.

I bathe in babies’ blood to stay young.

I ran over your dog.

I laughed while I ran over your dog.

Please have sex with me; I’ll have sex with anyone cause I have cobwebs up my cunt.

I hate stay-at-home moms.

I want to take your job.

I want to erase gender.

Women who decide to stay at home are traitorous witches who should be burned at the stake.

Men have no problems; life is handed to them on a silver platter.

I’m hideous and miserable, and no one will sleep with me.

I want all men to be weak and wimpy.

I think there is absolutely no biological difference between men and women.

In fact, penises and vaginas are an illusion created by patriarchy.

In reality, our genitals all look like dog tongues.

I’m bored and have nothing better to do.

I was brainwashed and did absolutely no research before picking up the label.

I’m angry because I want a penis.

What I really mean:

I have assessed the situation and I believe men and women are not being given equal opportunity and choices. I am disturbed by this reality, and wish to improve it.

The author has asked that their poem be published anonymously.

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