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Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.


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Links We Like

Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar

An attorney disgustingly calls the life of a trans woman – who engaged in sex work, substance use, and was HIV-positive – less valuable than that of other people, in an attempt to alleviate his client’s vicious murder of her through multiple stab wounds. He fails to realize that trans* people are four times more likely to live in poverty, in part because of employment discrimination and familial rejection, that causes many trans* people to turn to sex work or drug trade in order to survive and/or pay for reassignment surgery. He also is unaware that trans* people are more likely to turn to substance abuse because of the intense discrimination, exclusion, and violence that they are regularly made the targets of. Finally, he is unaware that trans* people are on the whole more likely to be HIV-positive, for a variety of reasons, which has yet to gain sufficient traction as a public health issue – and, regardless, we should not be shaming, stigmatizing, and dehumanizing a woman violently murdered simply because she is trans*. May she rest in peace. [LGBTQ Nation]

Six things Nelson Mandela believed that you won’t hear in the mainstream media. [Think Progress]

What Nelson Mandela did for the women of South Africa. [Jezebel]

The Free Cece documentary is in the works! [IFP]

Republicans are taking a course on how to not offend women in a shoddy attempt to seem as if they are sensitive to women’s issues, despite actively trying to limit women’s rights. [Think Progress]

Melissa Harris-Perry posts her black feminism syllabus! [MSNBC]

This series of nude photographs challenge standards of beauty through body posturing. [The Huffington Post]

A brilliant exposé on fetishism and being a self-professed fat, queer woman in the adult entertainment industry. [Slixa]

Why Janet Mock chose silence on Trans* Day of Remembrance. [Janet Mock]

Despite the extensive organizing nationwide to raise the minimum wage, Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) thinks we should repeal the minimum wage and believes it has lost its necessity, even though it has ensured that families stay out of poverty and the current minimum wage has not been adjusted to inflation. Huh, his rich straight white male privilege is showing. [Think Progress]

PETA strikes again with its new birth control stunt. [Salon]

She came to riot – on the resurgence of riot grrrl politics and today’s feminism. [Jacobin]

Are male and female brains wired differently? [The Guardian]

A list of men’s rights issues that should belong to feminist activism. [Jezebel]

Online dating favors white men and Asian women. [NPR]

Custom suits tailor to trans* men. [NY Times]

A sexual harassment experiment. [Manifesta Magazine]

Differently abled people react to mannequins made in their own likeness. [Jezebel]

Student was fined $5,000 for activism as Wesleyan. WTF. [Youngist]

An asexual-centered blog is holding a Carnival of Aces for this December that’s looking for ace-related submissions! [A Life Unexamined]

Republican Tweet about “the end of racism” goes horribly wrong, #racismendedwhen then trends on Twitter. [BuzzFeed]

Can disability be sexy? (The answer? Of course.) [Disability Scoop]

On exporting the n-word and the globalism of white supremacy. [ESPN NBA]

Can Marvel’s 1st Muslim superheroine help end Islamophobia? [The Huffington Post]

Breaking: Montana appeals former teacher’s one-month sentence for raping a 14-year-old. [CNN]

How to talk to little girls. [The Huffington Post]

Coming out as a modern family. [NY Times]

Ever thought about the actual logistics of gender reassignment surgery? If not, learn more here! [Live Science]

From graduate school to welfare? A sad state of affairs. [The Chronicle]

On a similar note, Professors tell grad students to focus on studies, not wages, and prove once more just how out of touch academia is about its status as a job industry. [The Nation]

Tom Daley, Maria Bello, and the far from black-and-white complexities of sexuality. [The Age]

Feminist Blog Roll

Janet Mock with bell hooks

Trans* woman of color, Janet Mock, blogs on her website about her experiences as a trans* woman and her transition. She started the #GirlsLikeUs campaign that encourages trans* women to live visibly and end transphobia. She writes about her intersecting experiences with sexism, racism and cissexism, and has been at the forefront of trans* feminist activism. Check out her work!

For more transgender resources and fora, you can also check out Susan’s Place, a great place for trans* people and allies to learn more and organize.

Quote of the Week

Videos of the Week

How the Media Failed Women in 2013 explores how women are once again misrepresented and failed in today’s media. A must-view!

Where My Ladies At? talks about sexism in STEM and on the Internet. Check it out!

The Onion has released a satirical news report on a fictional Stop-and-Kiss policy by the NYPD, to hilarious and thought-provoking results.

Meet Your First Black Woman is a satirical, tongue-in-cheek how-to for dating your 1st black girlfriend. Through humor, it attempts to provide a way to get with girls without exotifying them or being straight-up racist.

Art Worth Sharing

Beth Frey, Fuck Patriarchy, 2012

Internet Images FTW

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