The Currency of Love

At the beginning, Eve was given a rib

The King of the living decreed that the currency of love be

The body,

Not because that is all he wanted

But because that is all she—and all after—would have.

Coins made of sinews, muscles and various fluids,

The crown jewels floating in cerebral fluid— crushed by expanding lungs,

Nestled deep in the abdomen among thick coils.

At twelve she gave her first present,

Clumsily cried, gasping and gaping with a swollen nose

Prickling tears, rolling like the tide

Across arms wrapped around

The chest: little inverted points like snow cones that slowly melted

A misshapen jumble that would swell.

With the transformation from training to lace bras,

Eve dared to give more.

The slightest wisp of saliva hanging off pouting lips,

Weaving webs—closer—they say. Closer

Lending body parts: the small of the back, the apex of the thighs,

The breasts—roughly grabbed as if they were hand holds on a rock wall–

And burgundy blots of first blood on childhood sheets

White sheets, dirty sheets, car seats.

Adam traded blood for semen wastefully.

Erratically across stomachs

On snow bank mounds of crumpled toilet paper

In oily, deflated snakeskin coils— resting in waste bins

On her. In her.

New beds— hospital beds.

More blood. Not dried blots or old clumps but

Fresh blood giving way to new pulses,

The climax of cramps and brown tampon strings.

And so Eve became Tiamat: torn apart for love

Baggy skin and skeleton shaking in the aftershocks of creation.

She sat at home, stitches holding her organs in

Dividing her body into its separate parts

Chest swollen and weeping— a new gift

Curled around new life, new love

Her stomach distended, becoming softer and pliant.

Adam had not envisioned this kind of inflation.

He had picked a rare currency however,

And Eve had given all she had.

Her mind had floated elsewhere

Her heart recalibrated the pulse

Her womb was dormant

Sleepy in contentment—believing she had given the last and

Greatest gift of all.



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