A Year In Review: The Best of Bluestockings 2013


We look back fondly at the Bluestockings Blog’s collected works of 2013 — an incredibly diverse array of spot-on analysis, criticism, journalism, and articles that grapple with issues of gender, sexuality, race, class, nationality, and other struggles with identity and associated disparities.

The year 2k13 has been a big year for us here at Bluestockings Magazine Blog considering that we only stepped into the feminist blogosphere just a little over a year ago. But, that’s hardly eventful in comparison to all that we’ve witnessed this past year. Perhaps it was a big year for all of us in more ways than one. 

Think back to all the monumental legal disputes that brought identity politics to the forefront of national discourse (The Passing of Proposition 8, Supreme Court’s repeal of a section of the Voting Rights Amendment, Stop and Frisk legislation ruled unconstitutional, Zimmerman’s hate-crime trial), Snowden’s wikileaks and Chelsea Manning’s coming out to the media as trans*. Or what about insensitive cultural reappropriations in pop culture icons Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray? Feminist support from icons such as Grimes and Beyonce? Seasons past of Girls, Orange is the New Black and Downtown Abbey? The rise of labiaplastic surgery? The terrorization by the media of the Boston Marathon Bombing and other large national news? The lack of free speech platforms on the Brown University campus?

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Check out our archived blog series’ Weekend LinksCurrently Crushing On’s, and Recommended Reading/Viewing and of course, our lovely, lovely lit section.

We welcome you to read and/or reread pieces!  Below we provide a sampling of some our very best critical pieces thus far.

  • In The Patriarchy Goes To Parties Too, Co-Editor-in-Chief Kristy Choi unpacks the politics of partying as a feminist who is willing to call out the patriarchy — and the erasure of feminist politics within in-the-moment scenes that often seek to silence such conversations.
  • In An Open Letter to the Brown Daily Herald: You Are Hurting Us, and You Don’t Care, blog editor Kyle Albert responds to Brown University’s decision to bring a representative from the National Organization for Marriage–a hate group, whose president has frequently compared homosexuality to pedophilia–to a panel on same-sex marriage.  
  • In Queering the Bad Bitch, contributor Josh Schenkkan uses Nicki Minaj as a focal case study to discuss “the bad bitch” trope in hip hop and how it has been queered — successfully or problematically — by some of hip hop’s foremost women.
  • In Abort Racism: The Racial Implications of Reproductive Justice, contributor Jesse McGleughlin explores the racism and race-baiting embedded in the resurgent pro-life movement and the racial implications of its uncouth tactics.
  • In An Interview with Gloria Steinem, Bluestockings sat down with esteemed (albeit at times problematic) feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, for an interview alongside the Providence Journal and The Brown Daily Herald. (This is featured in our first issue).
  • In Queer Science Biases the Biology of Difference, contributor Gopika Krishna discusses the fraught realm of scientific sexuality research.
  • In Subsidizing Post-Industrial Economies, Co-Editor-in-Chief Nicole Hasslinger reveals the sexism encoded into capitalist economics due to the invisibility of feminized labor, necessary labor or “care work” that burdens especially women of color and immigrants  due to our country’s failure to recognize the labor’s economic value.
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