Bush Tunes Fight For Bush Rights Too


Up until now Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” was good for blasting on days when you feel bitter about a break up. But thanks to a recent cover compilation of Bush’s greatest hist, the song also symbolizes the difficult uphill battle for reproductive rights. For those of you who don’t know Bush—she was her generation’s Lady Gaga, except less alien and more celestial.

The 80’s Brit pop singer had a haunting soprano, modern dance training, and penchant for over-dramatized music video effects. Her synth sonnets still resonate, and are now the inspiration for a fundraiser to support reproductive rights organizations and low cost abortion clinics in the U.S. All sales proceeds of the CD, featuring 26 musicians, will directly support several  organizations. Conceived by a group called Bush League (I know), the organizers cite Bush as “a symbol…of feminine independence, intelligence, bursting creativity, and remarkable inspiration.” We wholeheartedly agree. You can get the CD here.

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  1. Quick Correction: There is no actual CD for sale. This is available as a digital download only. Though if you want to hold something in your hands while listening, there is a screen printed postcard available for ten bucks more.

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