Weekend Links Vol.33: I’D RATHER BE A CYBORG

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Bluestockings Party: I’D RATHER BE A CYBORG

“The cyborg is a kind of disassembled and reassembled, postmodern collective and personal self. This is the self feminists must code.” – Donna Harraway


Next Saturday, April 5th, from 10 PM to ∞, Bluestockings will be hosting yet another party at the fabulous Findy. Come dressed as your favorite animal // machine // human // hybrid and party with us to support Bluestockings magazine! $3 entry, drinks provided. All proceeds will go to making Bluestockings Magazine’s spring print publication!

Links We Like

An intimate interview with Laverne Cox. [The Frisky]

“The Ethical Prude,” or imagining a sex-negative feminism. [RadTransFeminist]

Sex-positivity, compulsory sexuality, and the subsequent intersecting of identities. [A Life Unexamined]

Bolivia gives legal rights to the Earth. [Natural Health Warriors]

The failure of “privilege” discourse. [Orchestrated Pulse]

“My trans story is not your growth experience.” [The Toast]

Brazilian women bare all to remind the nation they are not asking for it. [The Huffington Post]

Toward a feminist politics of criminality and abolition. [The Feminist Wire]

Jerry Springer will no longer be using the T-word, because transphobia is not acceptable. [Advocate]

Speaking the unspeakable: on the pervasiveness of male oppression and rape culture. [BlackGirlDangerous]

United Students Against Sweatshops want Teach for America off college campuses. [Colorlines]

Why the Divergent rape scene matters. [Medium]

The immediate need for emotional justice. [Crunk Feminist Collective]

A West Philly collective seeks to bring underrepresented science fiction writers to the fore. [City Paper]

Kansas may force hospitals to report miscarriages to the State Health Department. [Think Progress]

The economic mythos of the “model minority.” [Colorlines]

31 female rappers who changed hip hop. [Billboard]

A Man’s Affair: why can’t women serve lunch at the Nuclear Security Summit at the Hague? [Independent]

Rapper Le1f to Lord Jamar: “I know oppressions you will never understand.” [Colorlines]

Meet the latest Arabic hip hop artist, the Britain-born Palestinian femcee, Shadia Mansour. [Colorlines]

Butch and femme through a white lens. [BlackGirlDangerous]

Spoken Word Poem of the Week: Darkmatter’s “Bollywood Divas”

Art Worth Sharing: The Weird Girls Project

Kitty Von-Sometime is the curator-artist of The Weird Girls Project, an ongoing art experiment created and produced concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime. It evolves ‘Episode’ by ‘Episode’ and the participants mix between those involved from the beginning and new members increasing with every event. Each Episode is planned for approximately three months with the participants knowing as little as is possible about the event excluding the date, this includes the concept, location and costumes. As standard there will be a photo shoot and they are aware they will be filmed. The main element of the project is ‘release to the unknown’.

Media is produced from each Episode but the project also focuses on the event itself and how the women react, improvise and morph within costume learning about their power of self combined with the strength of coming together as a group. The women are varying in ages, backgrounds and experience, and do not necessarily know each other before the day. The Project involves ordinary women rather than professional actresses or models and part of the inspiration was to encourage a gain in self confidence within women, especially focusing around body issues and a release of inhibitions.


It started in a very naive style with the end media showing little to no experience and it has matured throughout the life of the project. Kitty creates the concept for each event and in addition has directed, designed and edited on varying Episodes but always draws in the talents of different photographers, costume makers and film makers to bring the concept to life forming a constantly fluid collaborative.

Internet Images FTW

All Images via Tumblr

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