Weekend Links, Vol. 37: Justice for Lena & the Brown Sexual Assault Series

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Justice for Lena & The Brown Sexual Assault Series

brown sexual assault series

Monday, April 22nd, Brown University student, Lena Sclove, returned to campus to discuss the University’s unacceptable response to her assault that occurred during the fall semester of 2013, prompting student organizing and garnering wide ranging media coverage from outlets including Jezebel, Slate, HuffPo, Autostraddle, the Providence Journal, Buzzfeed, and Democracy Now!. To get involved, you can join the Facebook group, “Justice for Lena & Survivors Everywhere” and sign and share the corresponding petition.

In light of this campaign, Bluestockings Magazine will run an inaugural Brown Sexual Assault SeriesWe will be publishing various forms of testimonies about sexual violence, trauma and rape culture at Brown University. The series is an ongoing project to amplify the voices of survivors on-campus, provide them with a platform to recount their experiences, and to end the silence that stymies action and change.

If you would like to add your voice to the dialogue, please email blogbluestockings@gmail.com. We guarantee anonymity.

Links We Like

What’s really holding women back [hint, it’s not the ‘confidence gap’]. [PolicyMic]

DarkMatter publishes a 4-part series on their Palestine Solidarity Trip.

An Indian trans woman has become the first to run for a seat in parliament. [PinkNews]

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is on the cusp of passing a new regulation that would make it illegal for homeless people to have possessions in public. [ThinkProgress]

Alaska becomes the second state to officially recognize indigenous languages. [KTOO]

Native American activists argue that the building of the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to the sexual assault of Native women.

A timeline of feminist performance art. [BodyTracks.org]

Dozens protest outside Smith College’s admission office demanding the school to change its policy regarding transgender women.

Quote of the Week

“When those who have the power to name and to socially construct reality choose not to see your or hear you…when someone with the authority of a teacher, say, describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked in the mirror and saw nothing. It takes some strength of soul—and not just individual strength but collective understanding—to resist this void, this non-being, into which you are thrust, and to stand up, demanding to be seen and heard” 

-Adrienne Rich

Art Worth Sharing

Making Looks, Mark Aguhar

Internet Images FTW







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