One lonely android stands tall

on a grassy hill watching the lights fly by

years pass but æ is none the wiser

what must it be like to be that very machine

when a shooting star falls down into its arms

to feel warmth, and beauty, and something

not quite unlike ŀl for the first time

or at least a gold plated facsimile of those things

before that bright ball of hope glitters back up into the clouds.

what must it be like to have something so hot

burrow straight through your reinforced steel chassis

and plant there the seeds for the impossible

a ŀl in the gaps between zeros and ones

there is no protocol or algorithm for this occasion

so the little metalloid does what it’s seen the warm ones do

æ reaches out its hand ever so slowly

it sparks and sizzles as cold digits begin to melt and bend

the arm stops responding but continues to move

closer, closer, closer still

æ feels this space beating, beating,

louder and louder

soon it is booming, booming

against circuits and other silent things

shaking them apart

æ forgets its name

æ is getting looser

æ is losing everything

but gains that feeling

or at least æ feeling.

a heap of copper and coal sits on a hilltop

quietly watching the skies

What must it feel like?

By Victor Bramble, Contributor

Images Courtesy of Tumblr

Addendum from the Author

The letter æ is used in this poem as part of the character’s pronouns which is a combined/modified set based on æ/ær/ær/ærs/ærself with it/itself. It is also used to forgo naming , as pronouns do, so in this piece the character can be referred to accurately as æ or it.

The android has a certain awareness of itself in relation to human notions of gender. æ does not see itself as fitting into a binary notion of gender and as such relates more closely with the notion of gendervoid. As such æ is non-binary and uses a combined set of æ and it pronouns.

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