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How does a magazine disperse its content among different platforms without losing a unifying vision?

With the advent of electronic publications, the intermixing of music, videos, images and language has created new possibilities and considerations for art magazines. GIFs, paint strokes and 35 mm film can be curated together in order to say something in common.

Often, though, making these media speak to each becomes a disjointed effort to appear innovative, and the driving mission of the project in question is diluted beyond recognition. Such is definitely not the case with The Editorial Magazine, an art publication based out of Montreal. Curated by women but not exclusively for those who identify as female, The Editorial exemplifies the best of hybrid media. Showcasing unique images through a printed magazine and a blog, The Editorial responds to the contemporary proliferation of forms with truly engaging artistic practices.

Claire Milbrath, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Editorial, describes it as a fashion/photography magazine. However, to say that The Editorial is limited to these realms is to humbly downplay how the images within its pages (both in print and online) rethink the use, value and presentation of certain objects, especially objects traditionally associated with femininity. The tenth and current issue includes a notable interview with internet artist Mary Bond, who uses “selfies” to theorize about selfhood and about decontextualized nudity in the 21st century. There’s also a very intimate interview with Mac de Marco, framed by pictures of the artist lounging coyly in a bathtub. Another highlight is an assortment of digitally manipulated images in which a John Doe figure attempts to sell digitally manipulated “fine art.” All in all, the different and complex pieces result in an engaging examination of the hybridity of contemporary aesthetics. In addition, The Editorial’s blog complements the print issue with music playlists and mixes, behind-the-scenes videos, and photo diaries. The result of these combined forms is a rethinking of the gaze, an opening towards new ways of seeing and thinking critically about the surrounding world of objects.

I highly recommended that you order a copy of The Editorial, and check out their online content here (

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