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seeks staff writers & contributors for its summer blog staff

bluestockings magazine is an intersectional multimedia feminist publishing collective based in providence, ri.

we write about issues from a gender-aware perspective, particularly as it intersects and/or complicates class, race, labor, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, ability, language, (neo)colonialisms, embodiment, species, geopolitics, technologies, stigma, and any issues of identity and disparity more broadly.

we interrogate these themes within multiple genres: essays, articles, critiques, fiction, memoir, art, mixed media, poetry, creative nonfiction, and beyond. we encourage submissions comprised of new media forms and multimedia works.

we are committed to providing platforms for marginalized and underrepresented voices and issues. we seek to initiate dialogue about all (intersecting, interlocking) forms of injustice, violence, discrimination and disparity.

we strive to diversify our editors and contributors in order to amplify a mélange of perspectives and to decenter dominant voices and narratives within our publishing collective and feminist activism at large. we actively solicit content that has yet to be adequately represented. radical and dissenting perspectives are welcomed.

we prefer to foster productive tensions within our feminisms to counteract individual and systemic complicities towards injustice and violence, rather than reproduce the hegemonic conditions that constrict oppressed lives and livabilities. yet nevertheless the work that we do is characterized by a salient convinction in the radical potential in empathy.

we do not discriminate on the basis of identity, location or education, but we do seek well-written, well-argued content. we are very willing to workshop our writers’ work to strengthen the central arguments and ideas of their writing.

Requirements for Staff Writers

  • 2 or more pieces of well-written, well-researched and/or well-argued content per month (6 posts for the summer.)

We expect high-quality content from our writers. Our blog managing editors and blog editors will gladly work with you to improve the quality and presentation of your work, i.e. through copy-edits, edits, and workshopping. We seek not to replicate elitist forms of selectivity, but instead to strengthen pieces before they reach a wider (oftentimes more critical) public. Many previous contributors have lauded our commitment to the editorial process, as we desire to assist our contributors in fortifying the quality of their writing, which has been incredibly useful for a number of former writers’ career paths.

Unfortunately, we currently cannot afford to pay honorariums to our writers; however, our blog managing editors are currently in the process of developing ethical sources of income for the blog to sustain our writer base. We will gladly write recommendation letters and assist you with further networking opportunities within publishing and activism. We aim to help our writers strengthen their writing portfolio, expand their outreach, and facilitate high-quality writing. Former writers and editors have written and/or edited for The New Inquiry, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Women in the World, Bitch Media, ADULT Magazine, DAZED, BULLETT, Rhizome, Hyperallergic, and multiple other online and print publications. Many have also been involved with Brown-based publications such as The College Hill Independent, Visions, Clerestory, Issues Magazine, and The Brown Daily Herald. Interviews conducted by Bluestockings include Gloria Steinem, Sophia Wallace and Kate Bornstein, amongst other important public intellectuals, activists, artists, writers and affiliated individuals.

Requirements for Business

  • Ongoing assistance with business development and budgetary management
  • Experience with marketing, advertising, online creative strategy or pertinent work preferred

The blog managing editors are currently trying to develop sources of income for the blog through ethical-local-affiliated advertising  implementation and fundraising campaigns. Our primary goal is to attain funds to pay for web upkeep, logistical costs, and, if and when possible, our staff’s incredibly dedicated amount of currently unpaid work. We are looking for business managers that are able and ready to help the blog become an economically sustainable publication. In the future, we would like to extend these fundraising efforts to help pay the managing editors and hopefully entire managerial team of Bluestockings Magazine.


Please submit the following to

  • a resume (or website link, Linkedin page, a comparable review of your work, etc.)
  • a pertinent writing sample or links to writing
  • a quick cover letter describing your areas of interest within social justice issues
  • a bio and image for our Who Are We? page

With love,

Ragna Rök Jóns & Chanelle Adams

Managing Blog Editors

Bluestockings Magazine

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