Weekend Links, Vol.41: #Justice4Jane & Trans People Everywhere

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like

Jane Doe, portrait by by Molly Crabapple http://mollycrabapple.com/

a 16 year old Latina trans girl was placed in an adult prison in Connecticut without having committed a crime by the DCF, who, under their supervision, was subjected to over 40 instances of sexual and physical abuse & assault, coerced prostitution and survival sex work. #Justice4Jane has been the primary campaign to raise awareness about this poor girl’s history of trauma and alleged incarceration because of her trans identity (to read the affidavit detailing this history, click here; note: highly *triggering*). [Feministing]

Tips for white people who wanna talk race and/or racism. [The Frisky]

The formerly incarcerated speak out against Orange Is the New Black‘s profiting off of the experiences of people incarcerated in the for-profit prison industrial complex. [Colorlines]

Jessica Valenti interviews Janet Mock: “The most harmful [myth that the media and pop culture propagate] is the myth that trans women are not “real” women or trans people are inauthentic and therefore our identities, experiences and bodies must be investigated and interrogated.” [The Guardian]

In Providence, RI, three hotel workers and a city councilwoman are going on a hunger strike to make the case for a minimum wage reform to $15-per-hour (i.e. a livable wage.) You may be surprised to know a number of RI Democrats are trying to kill the min wage reform bill. [Think Progress, Business Week]

Jen Davis’s 11 years of self-portraiture interrogate body image issues. [New Republic]

On Popular Orientalisms: Sonic alterity, race, ethnicity and pop music. [NOrient]

Will Amy Fox’s The Switch initiate a transgender revolution in television? [Bustle]

On median wealth disparities within black communities. [Black Voices News]

On the #protransprochoice intersections of the pro-choice movement and trans & gender nonconforming revolutions. [The Transadvocate]

A journey into the center of the sex slave industry. [Fusion]

The perils of hipster economics and gentrification. [Al Jazeera]

On asexual (ace) and aromatic (aro) spectrums. [QuasiBoi]

We’re incarcerating people with mental health conditions (and lacking access to adequate mental healthcare.) [Colorlines]

When racism gets flirtatious. [NPR]

Why the concept of #survivorprivilege is bullshit. [Policy Mic]

On the cult of masculinity, or when trans men perpetuate misogyny. [Wild Gender]

Why NY Mag’s cover story of Terry Richardson is unacceptably flawed. [Jezebel]

Petition To Sign: Retain the Staff & Organization of the Brown Mailroom

Bluestockings stands in solidarity with the workers of Brown University’s mailroom, which is largely comprised of women, people of color, and immigrants. In their words,

“We, the undersigned students and faculty, petition for the retention of the mailroom’s existing personnel and organizational structure, and against the currently planned outsourcing to Ricoh and the firing of all but two of the mailroom’s staff.

Current mailroom employees have years of experience of managing difficult logistical challenges unique to the University mailing environment – such as sudden shifts in demand at the beginning of each semester. The mailroom pulls off a minor miracle each year keeping packages organized during peak times. In the short term, bringing in a new contractor right before the start of a new semester could be extremely problematic come September.

The current mailroom staff has worked tirelessly for many years to provide outstanding service to both students and faculty, far above the terms of their employment on many occasions. Once, a disabled student needed several heavy packages to move in on a Sunday. Her mother tried to get help from reslife, but failed. Ultimately, a mailroom employee who lived in walking distance of campus resolved the situation by taking three trips with a hand cart between the mailroom and the student’s dorm. Firing excellent staff in order to save on wages would be a mistake.

In the long-term, while Ricoh may hire existing mailroom employees on a temporary basis to train their workers, the mailroom workers we know and love would be unlikely to be retained in the long term, and their experience would be lost, resulting in a degradation of services for everyone. Right now, whenever we pick up a package, it is usually found in short order. Bringing in Ricoh may save the University on cost, but we will pay the penalty in increased wait times and lost mail.”

Videos of the Week

Feminist Frequency‘s on-point series, Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games, provides a thorough feminist reading of sexist tropes within gaming. Her latest video essay, Women as Background Decoration (Part 1), shows the extent of sexual objectification and commoditization in gaming since the first electronic game. Check it out!

A girl fakes her period to keep up with all the girls gossiping about the crimson wave. Little did she know what her mother would plan for her little white lie.

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