the child suffers,

screaming within me.

her skin smells of

semen and fear

and feels of the

slickness of a

hundred men’s sweat.

her legs are shaking.

she cannot stand.

she cannot speak.

she cannot breathe.

she is immobilized by

her pain.


in the stillness

of darkness

and shadow and dream,

there will be one to witness the release

of my breath.

i will then stand

and raise my face

to taste light’s warming.

i will lie

upon moist soil

And arch my spine with anticipation

and desire, the sun’s fingers


my deepest being.

my eyes will gleam with pleasure,

and my lips will express

ecstasy of

the purest form.

I will sway to music

of meadow’s design,

and I will place my feet

in cool waters,

dancing in the streams

of glacier’s warming.

i will grasp clouds and bring them

to me

one by one,

and wrap their

silken strands around my

tired and broken body.

Thousands of tears shall

symbolize the passing of my pain.

I will be at peace.

i will fly.

at last, i will fly.


by A.C. Fernandez, Contributor

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