Feminist Tracks: Kill J’s “You Have Another Lover”

Not much is known about the Danish duo Kill J.

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Composed of Kill (Lennart Rasmussen, producer) and J (Julie Aargard, vocals), the duo has released a few tracks from their upcoming debut, to be released on the Sound of Copenhagen/Chess Club Records labels. Based on their scintillating mix (featuring J Kill’s unreleased “Dope High” & “Nun with a Son and a Gun”), their influences are wide-ranging, their output is equally diverse in tone and genre, and J’s message even broaches feminism in the mix’s description:

This here my female perspective.

Is it the one you expected?

Is it the one you rejected?

Is it the one you wanna fuck?

Their latest track, “You Have Another Lover”, pairs a downtempo beat with J’s piercing voice, reminiscent of FKA Twigs’s work. A B-side from their vinyl of “Bullet”, the track is promising for their début. Listen to it via Soundcloud.

Last March, they released their first single, “Bullet“, which was also remixed by Oceaán (a fellow affiliate of Chess Club Records). In an interview with Clash Magazine, the track’s dedicated to “the victims of other people’s bullshit.”

Follow them on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Image Courtesy of Ja Ja Ja Music

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