Our New Mission Statement (Fall Staff 2014)

Editor’s note: Twice a year, bluestockings revises its mission statement to align with the goals and beliefs of each group of staff members. Typically, we’ve released our revised mission statement at the end of December and May, respectively, coinciding with the release of our bi-annual print publication. However, as we work towards centering our web platform, we decided to publish it right here, right now.


We identify as an intersectional feminist community, platform, and publication.

We believe feminism can be a generative process that directly informs and affects the ways we navigate the world.

We share content that prompts self-reflexive conversations within larger historical and socio-political frameworks.

We aim to affirm marginalized voices; to consciously feature members of communities that are disenfranchised because of race, color, religion, nationality, immigration status, class, (dis)ability, gender identity, sex assigned at birth, sexual identity, presentation and/or experience of violence and trauma.

Our feminism(s) is/are always rooted in anti-oppression and anti-discrimination—in the understanding that feminism is inextricably linked to issues such as race, sexuality, and class. We do not try to answer the question, “What is feminism?” but rather, through the creative process we explore “What can feminism be?

We constantly strive to do better in our theory and practice of feminism. To that end, our structures and methods are adaptive.

We recognize our position as a student-run publication based at Brown University. Bluestockings is not,  however, confined to the college campus. We constantly aim to broaden our vision and reach to make bluestockings a platform for engaging in ethical reporting and analysis of feminist issues. We see our position as an opportunity to provide a space for marginalized, dissenting, and radical voices.

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